Tmall supermarket, such as the introduction of Metro super, into the largest online supermarket impo

April 20th, Tmall supermarket joint Metro Group jointly announced the Metro Group’s super Metro officially arrived Tmall supermarket, to bring high-quality imported goods worldwide for domestic consumers, Tmall supermarket for commodities of the day, the next day and other one-stop service.

it is worth noting that, following metro, Germany INFERNO, Spain DIA supermarket supermarket dia will also be settled in the Tmall supermarket within the next three months, to provide high-quality imported food for consumers.


Metro entered the main imported milk

at present, the first batch of Metro has been a variety of goods shelves, the second batch of goods have been completed preparatory work. The first batch of goods with milk, such as Germany imported Metro Fine brand Food milk and AKA milk should be off, including honey, cookies and other food.


operating small, "Metro goods shelves trial operation for half a month of time, did not do any promotion, sales hot degree than expected." From April 21st to 23, Tmall will launch a "supermarket of imported food festival: Metro to" activities, including hundreds of goods straight down, the value of more than 2 million goods 1 Penny grab etc..

general manager of Tmall supermarket Jincheng said Metro commercial carrier in Tmall supermarket, not only brings a wealth of goods including its own brand of milk, it also brings a new cooperation experience. "I believe that cooperation between the two sides will achieve a win-win result, but also thanks to Metro’s ability to operate Tmall supermarket, service level of trust."

Metro China President Xi said: this year is Metro into China twentieth years. The past 20 years witnessed the Metro rooted in China to develop and expand the process, in the context of China’s consumption upgrade, Metro constantly adjust and optimize the business line, in order to develop a more suitable for China’s market development strategy. I believe in the next 20 years, Tmall supermarket and other e-commerce platform, Metro is the development of new energy in china."

it is understood that Metro has insisted on promoting imports double channel strategy (refers to cross-border imports of electricity providers and electricity supplier double import import pathway), with the settled Tmall supermarket, online dual channel formally established, with policies and business environment change significantly strengthened.

senior retail media, the former China chain magazine editor in chief Chen Yuefeng said, Metro settled in three aspects of the meaning of Tmall supermarket. "One is the international retail giant supermarket recognized Tmall’s influence, and willing to cooperate and business platform directly, not as stubborn in self business platform to cut into the business, which itself is a kind of progress; the two is stationed in Tmall supermarket, whether it is for the sales of the products, or online interactive experience, as well as for their own in the minds of consumers more brand awareness, are very good; three is well-known and > can also expand its own brand

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