n the country, and the world to pay attention to agricultural electricity providers

open the WeChat circle, Internet plus a variety of industries has become very popular. In fact, I was more concerned about the "Internet plus agriculture", in fact, a more direct reason is that he is a chowhound, hunger breeds discontentment, and now all kinds of food problems and environmental problems have let us pay more attention on agriculture. In Chinese, one carrying three thousand years of agricultural country injected fresh blood to the Internet? Internet plus agriculture and how to play


agricultural business a big topic, may say three days are endless, I personally prefer the agricultural business, in fact, the reason is very simple: the giants did not involve things, maybe we can get involved in. As the saying goes: it’s hard to turn around. Ali, the Jingdong has electricity supplier in the city will make online shopping all-powerful, although they have also been raging like a storm, early spotted the rural market this piece of blue ocean, the layout also started early, Ali Wan Xiang Qian county plan, Jingdong promotion plan has been so hot country. But it’s like getting used to the crowded city, and forgetting the quiet of the countryside. Agricultural electricity providers appear to be more down to earth, more suitable for rural taste.

"Internet plus agriculture", the heat into the sky, but the project from concept to the floor, from ideal to reality, will face many difficulties. Point beans agricultural chain electricity supplier service platform to self built rural logistics system and intelligent agricultural service station mode of operation, successfully opened the door of the agricultural electricity supplier.

beans chain of agriculture business service platform to serve the agriculture logistics system, is committed to the rural commodity input, rural commodity output, bypassing the layers of the dealer link, so that farmers can buy cheap goods, reduce the production cost, and is conducive to resolving the problem of poor sales of agricultural products, so that farmers get real benefits, achieve increase production.

beans chain of agriculture business service platform through invested heavily in the construction of the wisdom of agricultural service stations, equipped with large-scale mobile service shops, perfect service terminal, effectively solve the last mile problem of rural logistics; and relying on the service station, mobile store, providing support and guidance of scientific fertilization, plant protection planting plan, rural small micro loans and other comprehensive agriculture services to farmers, soil pollution and scientific management, improve the planting structure, helping farmers entrepreneurship at home, for the farmers at the same time, to further protect the food safety of the public.

realize the connection of farmers is to be written into the history of agriculture Chinese, China farmers have never been so transparent connection of the factors of production, agricultural production will lead to the change of agricultural productivity change, this is the meaning Internet plus for agriculture. We connect the farmers to present a agricultural data era, agricultural electricity supplier to address the issue of trust and circulation problems, then, agricultural production processes and information technology will be structured one day after another, farmers can use the data in the way of managing their agricultural production and sales of agricultural products.

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