Each player has not been thrown off the United States more than double the eleven degree of closure

this double eleven, not the same. Tmall, panda live interactive, so that every consumer enjoys some of the sense of substitution, regardless of whether the consumer, can be immersed in the double eleven carnival. In this way, a guide to the consumer behavior change, success is the real benefit of sound diminuendo, participate in, is the happiness within suction eye. To narrow the scope of the double eleven, Ningmei Guo Zaixianbolan, upright face preferential game player gameplay innovation, with the industry, DIYer brings us more is a moving.


"sunset industry" the Internet lets the sun reappear

for the personal computer industry, indeed in a period of time has been so that employees can not see hope. During that time, the "sunset industry" hat body, until a group of young people to smell the Internet brings vitality. Ning Mei country brand, the traditional personal computer business model combined with the Internet, in just a few years time to reproduce the whole industry in Chaoyang, apparently by the Internet as the main sales channels more cater to the fast pace of life now, this is just a start.

dual eleven repeatedly refresh the record sales, gaming, all live like a raging fire form into every corner of life, personal computer personality more publicity, for the entire industry, rejuvenated, as the necessities of the personal computer reproduction vitality. However, a transformation seems to be far from enough, the Internet industry to promote faster than we imagine, single marketing mode is not enough to cater to the game player blazing heart.



single sales competition ended America carry the banner of

interactive Ning

double eleven, initiated by the electricity supplier, has evolved into a national Carnival shopping festival. Single sales competition mode, game player already tired of watching, "selling" two words have become increasingly cold, only buy products to participate in the model will have some sense of distance with consumers, especially for the enthusiastic fans, DIYer, all in the eleven double break.

Ning Mei country, the double eleven extraordinarily upright. In the current popular gaming, entertainment and broadcast Show three elements as the axis, offered a double eleven Carnival Party for consumers. LOL water friendly match, exclusive gaming console, the eSports tight pulse, designed for gaming enthusiasts to create; star hosts, mysterious guests will debut, entertainment elements into cold marketing activities, more humane; combined with the panda live, form a line under Show, online Show overlay network, so that each game player can participate in among them. Integration of the three elements, and the same period of time, to promote personal computers once again move forward, in addition to the product there is a big lie. When consumers are involved in the topic of sales, such as the time being left behind, the new participation of the double eleven, apparently more wins >

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