Network founder Tao Li won the second main youth leader Henan Pioneer Award nomination

today (October 27, 2016), the second session of the Youth Leadership Development Forum held in Zhengzhou Henan Jianye grand Le Meridien Munich Hotel, Henan Province outstanding entrepreneurs leaders also attended henan. At the same time, contest invited the chairman of the board of directors of the Limited by Share Ltd Jianye real estate Hu Baosen, dawn Group Chairman Jiang Ming, chairman Zhu Wenchen, Furen pharmaceutical central bank chairman Dou Rongxing four large coffee tutor pro.


forum live


nine Henan CPPCC Vice Chairman Chen Yichu

why Henan forum leaders so concerned


since October 1st, the second session of the youth Henan pioneer online voting contest started, has been widespread concern in the community. According to the organizing committee statistics, the event received a total of 128 outstanding young entrepreneurs participating materials, 30 of them entered the online voting stage, effective vote of more than 2 million 580 thousand times, the largest number of votes to 210 thousand votes. October 21st, the results of the comprehensive online voting, candidates, as well as the investigation of the joint launch units, the views of members of the election, the 20 finalists were finally released!

according to incomplete statistics, the forum to break the activities of the provincial entrepreneurs to break a number of activities: first, declare the number of entrepreneurs first, the number of valid votes first, the largest number of votes in the first. What’s more, the event also break another first, the number of first – due to paralysis of the server to participate in the activities of the number is too large, causing huge database server, basically every 5 minutes will need to maintain a.




what excellent Yu entrepreneurs was nominated for


Henan natural bean curd champion Food Co., Ltd. chairman Li Shengli, travel story culture dissemination limited company founder 10 excellent Yu Geng Peng Yun was nominated for entrepreneurs.


why is this person nominated?

it is reported that the selection in accordance with the "has clear values, have a clear business model, has obvious growth, with a sense of social responsibility" standards, rather than bidding network promotion of listed companies net profit is also the founder of Tao duct got people deliver the goods Pioneer Award nomination for this award.



reporter learned that the network Explorer ( from its inception, adhering to the ">

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