On the transmission mode of group buying website

"let’s go, let’s go." we’ll hear it often. Small as a member of many netizens, often also try something new, such as network marketing mode, in recent years, the popular Internet group purchase! No matter in work or life, we will encounter such setbacks, the oncoming is endless pressure, need to go to the playground like KTV, such a place to relax look, but the high price let us stop! Since the group purchase appears, I love this kind of consumption mode is economic and practical. We have not thought about why so far group purchase? Why resonate with everyone? Why such a huge team? What is the

of viral marketing!

the idea of viral marketing, in this small series and share: viral marketing is from the sponsor initially issued information products delivered to the target users, and then rely on the target user spontaneous transmission of information, the formation of a baton transfer chain, using quick way to copy information to thousands of millions of the audience, which is currently the most effective method in network marketing. We can see the "QQ, MSN, SNS site, micro-blog and blog and e-mail" and other instant messaging tools on every purchase site. From here it is easy to see website group purchase is going viral campaign using these tools.

spare time with a lot of webmaster chat buy site, we discuss the optimization of the site, promotion, etc. can not help but have such a consensus:

, a network group purchase email viral marketing. E-mail communication is the most direct method of all viral marketing communication, whenever a user registration of your site when you become a member of the system, then you can send a message on this website are introduced in the past, but also in the future will be fixed time and send the information to the client mailbox. In order to encourage customers to ease the wind station or repeat transactions, and the advantages of group purchase website is to let customers group purchase information to send email to friends and family to analyze the group purchase information, in order to profit increase new customer.

two, group purchase network QQ/MSN instant messaging viral marketing. QQ/MSN transmission mode is the most simple and interactive method for all viral marketing communication. Every time a user comes to your site and sees the group buying information on the site, she sends the information to a friend of mine who thinks she has a QQ/MSN. This has become the initiative to initiate the role of information communication, effectively expand the way to buy marketing communication, so that the maximum value of information.

three, micro-blog group purchase network viral marketing platform. Micro-blog network marketing is popular since last year. Listen to a news report to Japan to buy the network promotion is mainly rely on micro-blog. This platform for our rapid development of the times is also a very good way to promote. Tencent, Sina, Sohu, and other large portals have launched their own micro-blog platform. The use of the network to buy the landing and forwarded to micro-blog, will buy the letter >

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