Sellers circle of friends status Li Kui and Li Gui.

in today’s booming e-commerce, in the WeChat circle of friends as the media "sellers circle of friends" has become the important way of development of electronic commerce, a circle of friends in the popular "Duanzi" is also reflected from the side of the circle of friends in the micro business’s popularity: "life is like a box of chocolates. You never know who will be selling something in your circle of friends in the next one." This piece is written now "circle of friends" economy fiery tone at the same time, also with a little helpless. "Sellers circle of friends" was originally used in the circle of friends share the feelings of the ecological destruction, has also been a lot of WeChat users antipathy, so, "how about the status of sellers circle of friends", what is going to be


"sellers circle of friends" situation: "Li Kui" and "Li Gui".

home Mei Cheng Cheng spare time sales of tropical fruits in Hainan in the circle of friends, and in the official WeChat small shop opened its own stores, compared with some irresponsible purchasing circle of friends, Mr. Zheng for the sale of fruit shop in the quality of attention, and try to good customer service service, for receipt of dissatisfied customers unconditional return. "I think to sell things in my circle of friends, the object is his friend, so we must pay attention to quality, otherwise their friends to buy is not satisfied with the fruit, I will also feel sorry." Like Mr. Zheng, Ms. Yang also use spare time in the circle of friends in the sale of women’s skin care products, and for this marketing model of low-cost and fast appreciation". Ms. Yang said, micro business department of her supplies from a well-known cosmetics brand, has a special micro channel and business agent certificate, can guarantee the quality, she also showed reporters a circle of friends of friends who use the "praise".

The citizens of

Xiao Wu circle of friends in sellers behavior was "not very reliable," she said, her in the University "bestie" in the WeChat circle of friends to promote a "natural hand mask", according to friends "good effect", then with the support of former classmate, bought 20 Zhang, she played a "allergy" after use on the face, long a lot of acne, took a long time to fade, so the rest of the mask was got thrown into the trash.

third party micro business or e-commerce "favorite"

nowadays, a new electronic commerce mode also came into being, recently, by the New Oriental Education Group Chairman Yu Minhong and Chinese PE industry investor Sheng Xitai founded "Hong Tai fund" to the newly established third party micro business platform "V shop" in the rules of the game is not yet perfect micro business caused a great disturbance. Yu Minhong and other people’s eyes really so unique


it is understood that big V shop is a location for the mother and the media people to easily set up shop, micro business platform, users can free shop in the big V shop. Unlike the majority of micro shop platform is that the micro business platform will provide the source of the owner, logistics warehousing, distribution and after-sales service, the owner needs only >

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