Suction passengers over 500 million fly where the entity for 618 + nternet marketing miracle

since June 3rd, 618 years celebration crazy fifast officially kicked off, as of the end of June 19th, fifast business alliance 3000+ solid cumulative traffic of more than 500 million, achieved sales of 12 billion yuan. Among them, in June 17th -6 month 19 days, three days, where the business alliance to fly off a total of 388 million passengers, online and offline sales totaled $8 billion 840 million. During the event, brought traffic and sales double harvest fly where the business alliance organized by the "hundred thousand shops year celebration activities" as the entities under the line, not only the consumers to enjoy the fun of the new shopping experience and preferential benefits, union members of entities in traffic, good activity, sales performance gains, but also felt the great charm of Internet plus transformation.


inside the passenger flow line

influx of consumersThe

flew for 618 commercial activities, fifast alliance of BBK group, Wuzhou international group, Nanjing central group, Xinhua Department Store Group, Wumart group, star business group and other more than 3 thousand members of the alliance enterprise common development. But such a large-scale marketing activities, the largest and most comprehensive channel online and offline synchronization is indeed a good record, grab the limelight more online shopping business, attracting a large number of consumers from the computer to the shopping centers and malls.

The form of highly integrated linkage

this line to bring the real effect is obvious, during the event, Wuzhou international group’s participation in the activities of the shopping center during the year to achieve substantial growth in passenger traffic; Wumart group’s Hangzhou area to participate in the activities of the supermarket shelves are empty consumers; where the commercial theater fly cooperation Union launched the 200 thousand special the tickets were sold out. According to statistics, in June 17th -6 month 19, the total amount of physical activity under the line of the total volume of passenger flow reached 388 million, online and offline sales of $8 billion 840 million.


entity from the line in the fly all 618 activities in the performance, transformation of real business + Internet has been the beginning of power, electricity supplier Festival made no longer confined to the online shopping, the line scene consumer experience business entity still has a strong appeal and irreplaceable. As a shopping center responsible person said, who fly 618 activities not only real benefits to consumers, strengthen the interaction between entities and consumers, but also to the shopping center bag rate and sales growth has played a significant role, it also provides an effective path for business entities to explore and practice the Internet transformation.

connect the line to the next line where the APP into the most cattle shopping artifact

in addition to commercial entities around the line consumer experience, 618 years celebration fifast more lively battlefield online mobile terminal. During the event, where the APP flying total traffic to reach 1 billion 48 million, the new member of the 3 million 580 thousand line, the number of active users reached 13 million 120 thousand, the hourly traffic peak value of 22 million 960 thousand times, became the 618 during the activity, access to one of the highest amount of APP. Based on this, flying where

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