Lao Xie a new direction of network marketing

differentiated marketing ideas tell us that when a large number of enterprises crowded in a place, the most effective way to achieve success is the difference, especially as the difference of innovation. Is there a way to let the system find such differences? We may be back to the ground from the traditional marketing marketing environment, most enterprises, with the help of external forces include media, marketing channel, terminal and logistics etc..

The traditional marketing

control enterprises, network marketing should be at least three to the direction of development: one is as an advertising media, the second is as the sales terminal, the third is as a marketing channel. The first point mentioned above is the direction of advertising media, now most network companies are working in this direction, in view of this, the author wants to first behind two not many enterprises attach importance to the direction that, finally, combined with the current new situation are the most network marketing fourth possible development direction.

Xie do network marketing for many years, there are hundreds of successful cases, Lao Xie think the new direction of network marketing on such four aspects. Hope to provide help to enterprise network marketing.

as sales terminal

now, as a marketing terminal well-known Internet Co are: Taobao, Dangdang, eBay ebay. In addition to these successful terminal network companies, there is no alternative in this direction of the model?.

we might as well go back to the ground to look at the marketing environment: now the sales terminal (B2C type) roughly shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, stores, specialty stores and other retail formats. Combined with the characteristics of the network itself, I believe that the "supermarket" network sales terminals and "store type" network sales terminals, is the two optional direction. From a point of view, Taobao, eBay, eBay roughly equivalent network supermarket, as sales network terminal stores "has not yet appeared on many well-known large companies, entrepreneurial network company, perhaps this is a good opportunity.

In addition to

, only to "network marketing" as a part of corporate marketing, we can also put the development process of "type" sales terminals, such as the recent rise of just two years of real estate intermediary industry network marketing. Now let’s take a look at a series of formulas for store sales (take one day as an example):

= total sales of single store sales of × the number of chain stores

store sales customer turnover rate = Sigma × × single turnover

from the above formula we can see that there are at least four ways to increase sales, they are: more open stores, more attractive to customers patronize, improve turnover rate and single turnover. Back to the network marketing point of view, more open stores and improve single turnover

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