Ai Rui seeks advice the travel marketing opportunity of SNS website

since 2009, a combination of tourism and community has become the focus of discussion online travel service, the mainstream operators such as Ctrip, eLong booking, E travel network, the same way and so on have launched the hotel and ask the channel, and increase the revision to the community.

iResearch in "2008-2009 Chinese online travel industry development report" of the period in 09 years may have the travel behavior of users is carried out, in order to understand how users make travel decisions, to determine what kind of tourism and community with the effect is more obvious.

66% users will still refer to the recommendations of friends and family to make travel decisions

iResearch survey data, although access to travel information through the Internet channel user ratio is not low, such as 45.2% users will get information through the professional tourism website, 44.4% of users through the search engine to search for information, but is still the primary way to recommend friends and relatives of the China users to obtain travel information, users accounted for 66.6%. In other words, more than 60% of users in making travel decisions will refer to the recommendations of friends and family.

real name SNS+ travel or opportunity

iResearch believes that family is the primary source of advice China users make travel decisions, the main reason is that tourism is a kind of experiential products, but needs the experience and evaluation of others to make decisions. However, in the context of China’s acquaintance society, the user’s trust in the information from friends and relatives was significantly higher than the information from strangers on the internet. This is also a warning from the side of the Internet companies, network users in the community to review the normative and authenticity has yet to be strengthened, there is still a long way to go in terms of access to user trust.

but at the same time, iResearch research found that Chinese users of friends and relatives of the trust may be given to the real name system SNS (referring to the SNS mode of mutual exchange of cooked human). Such as friends of the trip home: more opportunities. IResearch that, unlike other types of network community, the real name system SNS build is an acquaintance of communication network, and compared with the line of communication network, gathering popularity wider, lower cost. On the one hand, we can solve the problem of trust, on the other hand, we can give more advice to the decision maker through the participation of more people.

and tourism as a number of goods and services, in particular, need to refer to a large number of objects can be trusted to use the experience of goods, through the real name system to promote SNS, may be an effective way.

iResearch suggested: online travel vendors can explore the word of mouth marketing model through the real name SNS

iResearch believes that word of mouth marketing as a new model of network marketing, if you can use the strong trust relationship between friends and relatives, the credibility of the business and the site will undoubtedly increase significantly. The cooperation between the tourism companies and the real name SNS website is the mode of exploration and attempt

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