2015 electricity supplier did not flow very large market

(original title: 2015 ten major electricity supplier inventory: no flow we are very sad)

text / Li Chengdong

recently visited a number of electricity supplier friends, mainly Jingdong, vip.com, Dangdang executives. Several times in the two market investors this year to participate in activities, more clearly said an obvious trend in the industry: large and small electricity providers are encountering traffic bottlenecks, increasingly difficult to maintain rapid growth. Ali lack of traffic, vertical giant only product convergence is also missing the flow of the United States, large and small vertical electricity supplier financing is also looking for effective flow everywhere, Ali Jingdong POP sellers also lack of flow, where the effective flow of


inventory one: China’s electricity supplier to bid farewell to the ultra-high growth period

is the first rapid decline in the online shopping population dividend, Jingdong 150 million active users as well as the opportunity to double, but Ali’s double the purchase of 400 million users is difficult to turn, Ali can only count on the overseas market. Open up new users, channel sinking rural market is also very important, this in the back reading. No traffic, Suning to take refuge in Ali, millet also had to compromise embrace Jingdong.

followed by the macroeconomic downturn, the stock market plummeted, declining purchasing power, consumption tends to be cautious. Impulsive consumer categories, women’s consumer goods, as well as large consumption is directly affected. Specifically, vip.com Ali and jumei.com are directly affected, including Jingdong large appliances category 3C.

three players more capital crazy, the stock market competition intensified user. Jingdong grab Ali users, the major vertical maternal and child electricity supplier also robbed Jingdong mother and child. Last week saw a child for a dozen years, big brother, said in 2015 the maternal and child category are playing into the negative margin, Kao container to price 120 yuan, electricity price hit 100, selling more thanks to the more, also sell. Do not look at the valuation of a higher than one, in fact, a difficult than a living. Kidnapped by the capital, is not something to be proud of.

: fresh inventory of two most game player destined to become cannon fodder

main fresh electricity supplier players, from 2012 began to contact, there are still a lot of good friends. Whether it is B2C or O2O, or B2B, but can not say the 2015 heat is overdone! Most of the game player without fresh experience, can not control the upstream supply chain, have no fixed positions with experience, cost is very high giant drainage. There is a fresh opportunity, but most game player in 2015 is destined to become the industry that the front flow East fodder! Beans, delicacy under the kitchen, as well as the construction of the city social logistics Jingdong at home, as well as leveraging traditional fresh stores as a pre bin love fresh bee is the big winner in this category.

inventory three: mothers and children do not ignore the presence of Jingdong

There are a lot of

2015 financing of maternal electricity supplier, babe network, honey baby, baby teeth, and turn the electricity supplier community freaky help, baby tree, and force electricity suppliers network >

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