Open O2O open LBS+ high de self!

recently in High German Internet market is very active, dare to fully trust the Ali company of High German was transformed from the UC boss Yu Yongfu make snap. It now appears that Yu Yongfu give up O2O focus on the strategic adjustment of LBS is really to let High German has a sense of the Internet Co and functions. Once lost High German seems to finally find the self.

LBS+O2O was once regarded as the golden combination of mobile Internet era

started from the second half of 2011, two of the hottest time of the market concept is the "sign" and "group purchase", and these two concepts appear at the same time, the market has brought an infinite space, the combination of LBS+O2O began to spread, and grow strong, until the second half of last year, a for the LBS+O2O integrated prospect voices began to spread, the strongest topic is Gould’s previous adhere to the "LBS+O2O" development direction.

after Yu Yongfu took office to re-examine the strategic value of the High German O2O, finally decided to give up self drive commercial O2O to return map service itself, focusing on the LBS exploration, and the O2O part is by the partners to complete. Recently, the High German LBS+ announced the establishment of an open platform and took the lead in introducing China auto rental under the car, car, car and other services, is a direct proof of Yu Yongfu in the High German development strategy on look far ahead from a high plane.

, that is to say, High German didn’t really give up O2O, but choose to retreat strategy, its attention to this piece of data in LBS, on the LBS+ platform in the form of attract more rich mobile Internet formats including O2O partners. External forces to expand their market influence, the actual effect of doing so much better than their own O2O market development is not practical. Facts have proved that, after more than a year of High German attempt on O2O is not successful, focusing on its own strengths LBS is the best position for the development of High German O2O.

High German exit direct market competition, does not negate the market potential of LBS+O2O, but that the market is more mature and rational, LBS+O2O still have market potential, but not so easy to talk about things.

The combination of

LBS+O2O focus on the role of O2O LBS is limited to

also, in today’s market, the combination of LBS+O2O in more focused on O2O, LBS’s O2O service tool, Baidu, or comment on it, these continue to adhere to the LBS+O2O enterprise, they focus on O2O.

is Baidu’s most important business line search is based on is the direct number, glutinous rice, Baidu maps and other O2O projects, which is in fact a map (Baidu) to provide LBS support for the O2O business, Baidu really want is mobile search information generated by the demand for ">

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