Taiwan to let Taobao tax last year, said the loss of NT $2 billion 500 million

August 10th news, according to Taiwan media reports, Taipei IRS in August 18th is expected to invite the business and accountant Uber, including apple, Agoda, Booking.com, and other experts to study the business tax amendment fee, said the fastest next year will have to pay for cross-border electricity supplier.

is reported that Taobao has not been invited to participate in the seminar, but the Taiwan authorities, the Ministry of Finance official said that once the passage of the future decree after the road, Taobao also need to pay taxes in accordance with the regulations.

Ministry of Finance official pointed out that Taobao in 2015 in Taiwan revenue of up to 30 billion -500 billion yuan (about -106 billion yuan), but do not pay business tax. According to the business tax 5%, Taiwan authorities last year, the loss of tax may be as high as $2 billion 500 million nt. The officials asked the Taiwan authorities consider whether due to the substantial growth of cross-border electricity supplier in Taiwan’s sales tax exemption to adjust untimely.

the official said, is expected by the end of September will be value added tax amendment to the "Executive Yuan", "Legislative Yuan" after the fastest next year will be on the road to Taiwan, the "Treasury" brought considerable income.

as for the direction of the so-called business tax law, the Ministry of Finance official said it may refer to Japan and South Korea’s practice. At present, Japan’s practice is to require cross-border electricity supplier to do a written registration in Japan, and the appointment of tax agents as its docking unit; South Korea is the use of network registration system. It is not yet decided which way Taiwan will take, but the tax agency system will be more likely. After the draft, if in the Legislative Yuan three read through, the fastest next year can be implemented.

According to

billion state power network to understand, taobao.com and for the establishment of a branch in Taiwan, but by the Alibaba in Taiwan as its branch office, and handle related matters. No branch, of course, will not be able to pay business tax. In addition, the Alibaba said the day before, taobao.com is the platform model, does not have any of the goods, the transaction is completely completed by the seller and the buyer, so not only to Taobao online trading volume was calculated on the basis of tax.

in fact, this is not the first time in Taiwan to discuss matters related to Taobao to pay business tax. As early as 2013, the Taiwan authorities set up a task force on this issue. 2015 Tmall eleven double the same day the turnover of the shocked again in Taiwan, Taobao tax matters are also put on the agenda again.

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