Taobao open platform full interview run

June 22nd, Asia’s largest network of retail shopping district officially announced the Taobao open platform (Taobao Open Platform) this is the second full open interview, open API, Taobao is one of the important open strategy, is " Taobao " strategy; an important measure to further promote the.

it is understood that, at present, there are more and more regional type, vertical type and brand independent retail website running in " Powered by Taobao". These sites, including e-commerce as the core function of the retail sites, including in the community, SNS, entertainment, communication as the core, introducing transaction function to enrich the user experience for non retail sites. By " Powered by; Taobao", the future will provide a simple one click Copy website, to help retailers, easy access to convenient, safe and reliable network trading function, the rapid growth of rival " ". And all this behind the scenes, not only from the open itself, more from the " Powered by Taobao" deep accumulation in the online retail industry. President Lu Zhaoxi said: " Taobao 2008 from the beginning has been formulated according to the group’s strategy, the rapid growth in support of Taobao at the same time, make great efforts to build an open platform, from the bottom to the technical transformation of application system reconstruction site, until today officially launched the TOP platform. "

is reported that Taobao " Powered by Taobao" after the formation of an open platform, Taobao will become an online shopping infrastructure. That is to say, as long as there is a Taobao ID, it can be consumed in different companies, different platforms or different shopping sites, process and consumption patterns are basically familiar with the Taobao model, and all online retail consumer and business data can be run on Taobao’s servers.

Lu Zhaoxi said: " in the ‘big Taobao strategy’ molding, Taobao is confident in the online retail industry has become the mainstream of social consumption era,’Powered by Taobao’, like water and air in general. We achieve’Powered by Taobao’everywhere, the way is open, sharing, responsibility, globalization, the spirit of the internet. "

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