How to solve the barriers of people in independent shop shopping

CNNIC "in 2009 Chinese Online Shopping Market Research Report", has made the analysis on various factors influencing people in the online shopping, 45.3% of the respondents were not being used to give up at the same time, in the online shopping, browsing the B2C website in 18% because of the lack of payment instruments without online shopping; while browsing the C2C the website, there are 18.5% users is due to the lack of corresponding knowledge and failed transactions online shopping. In addition, there are still many factors that influence consumer online shopping, as a provider of independent shop the most technical strength and market potential of V5SHOP, and summarizes the successful experience and failure of the network to give lessons, put forward the following ideas to help the independent operation, network operators easily resolve various potential obstacles, faster to win the online shopping favor.

how to meet


whether it is in Taobao, ah, or independent shop, the main problem facing the sale of goods. Unlike the Taobao stores is either the domain or independent shop style design has more advantages: independent domain name easy to remember, easy to spread, shop style according to the sales of products are adjusted, or the atmosphere, or striking, or in the hands of art lustrous and dazzling, can easily show. However, the visual design expert V5SHOP, can really impress consumers is concise and beautiful page, too fancy may enable customers to produce visual differences such as stimulation, suspension and pop-up ads, very easy to let prospective customers bored and accelerated away; customers have a great relationship to the meeting after the trust degree. If the customer is through popular forums or large websites to independent shop, the trust of the independent shop of natural high, increasing the probability of success of consumption. This requires independent network operators in the promotion, to ensure the quality of advertising; the quantity of the goods to be rich enough, the ideal is to be able to shop one-stop solution for all relevant aspects of the shopping needs of customers, such as customers buy vehicle decoration, they tend to those who are both cushion sets, and GPS navigation, repair paint pen integrated shop; the bride’s veil, it is particularly important in meeting stage. The common characteristic is the popularity of independent shop products is perfect, even the photo is from the angle of shooting, more can give customers real feeling, greatly weakened the customer in commercial

quality concerns.

how to communicate?

most of the customers are watching the goods, mildly interested, can communicate through instant online tools and customer service, in Taobao, there is a rumour "the same thing, would rather go to the lower level of the store to buy", why? Because of low level seller service attitude, this for independent network, very useful. Each customer independent shop are not easily won, the network must be more carefully, always stand in the customer perspective, this business will be more opportunities; online communication involves a timely and comprehensive answer to the customer by email or message board Advisory >

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