2012 worthy of attention of the 5 major electricity supplier hot

2011 electricity development is: to change radically after many years such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain station group purchase station closures and layoffs from the beginning of the group purchase; from Suning high-profile cut electricity supplier to all passengers and many other sites of IPO extension; from Taobao’s "business war" to the Jingdong and Alipay "discord"…… Then after the baptism of e-commerce in 2011, in the 2012 new year, what are the hot spots worth looking forward to?

1, Taobao after the split between the four tigers to do

?Since June 16th, Taobao announced

split into three independent companies, taobao.com, B2C business service platform Taobao mall and one-stop shopping followed C2C service search engine and a cat, with long running Juhuasuan, Taobao said the industry’s four tigers. Although the four tigers belong to different areas, and the integrated model can be described as four tigers covers all the profit pattern of the electricity supplier industry, in the future, can hardly be avoided conflict business expansion, the four tigers to peaceful coexistence, will be a major part of the future.

2, "the city" event will be renewed from


Taobao’s new regulations triggered a October siege of the city, has always been tough Ma also forced to suspend the implementation of the new regulations at the end. But Taobao made it clear that Taobao new regulations only suspended, not abolished, that means will still be in the implementation of the new regulations in 2012, then the new rules will be reappearing in what way, the new rules will not reproduce again caused a new wave, which is a mystery.

3, Jingdong merger or natural growth to achieve the goal of?

as early as April 20, 2011, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong said sales revenue to reach 100 billion yuan in 2013. According to Jingdong vice president Cheng Junyi revealed at the end of, Jingdong mall sales in 2011 is expected to reach. After several rounds of financing and mergers and acquisitions, the Jingdong can soar in the 2012, we will wait and see.

4, where the customer will regain its vitality in what way?

where the customer has weathered, the second half of 2011 due to delayed IPO, layoffs, leaving the storm much raise a Babel of criticism of the senate. Although Chen has repeatedly denied that the customer capital chain problem, still can not wash its users questioned the high marketing cost and low output. Chen said: "it means everything." But I think you are more concerned about where the fame was really quite so much, after the storm continued to slump even where the customer is disappeared, or a new way to regain its unique charm.

5, Mcglaughlin and Dangdang, the trend is no longer listed in 2012 there is no competitive


Mcglaughlin and Dangdang successfully listed, can be described as the domestic electricity supplier companies opened up a new road. Let the domestic business enterprise to eager for a fight. But it doesn’t seem to be every

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