Returnees to abandon the family business in the pat shop gorgeous turn

on the battlefield, some people love playing tug of war, is good at using the strategy of the enemy out, some people love a good analysis of both advantages and disadvantages to meet. Edith green side meter men’s founder is a typical golden quick. Last year, with his accurate investment vision Cantonese born, quickly joined pat, pat and keep up with the development in the pat micro shop on the line, and quickly moved to the mobile terminal, in a very short hours of operation, achieved good earnings on turnover exceeded one hundred thousand.

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will need to grow up in the naked fight in shopping malls have gold, natural conditions, he grew up in their own hardware advertising products factory, influenced by various business knowledge, he grew up to inherit the family business, to obtain the French designer college, majoring in graphic design, after returning to his success family business succession, personally led troops fought to help the family business grew by leaps and bounds, but he always hopes to have his own career from scratch. 2012, he opened the opportunity to sell men’s electricity supplier road.

in the open shop before the golden two choices, is selling men’s or women, conducted a thorough investigation of the market, found that although women’s gold has a huge customer base, the purchasing power is also very strong, but the women on the new frequency, sell goods is very easy to cause the backlog of inventory, the cash flow is a great threat, and men’s new frequency is slow, once a quarter, but it is not easy to cause the backlog of inventory, and the profit rate is relatively high, so with carefully chosen men, this is not the blind do not follow suit, the courage to try to move, which laid the foundation for the green design in future the success of.

started from the shop, he would use their graphic design skills, design their own clothes, playing their own version of their factory production of garments, with deep insight for consumers, they designed a large number of fashion men’s boutique, welcomed by consumers. After 2 years of development, the green edge of the shop has begun to take shape in the industry has a certain reputation. Then considering the existing platform of high operating costs and fierce competition, he decided to look for a new platform, through in-depth investigation of several electronic business platform, the final choice in the pat shop, into the pat, and then pat with mobile Internet strategy, the rapid transformation of open pat micro shop.

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before green meter sales data in a few large platform, the mobile terminal has more than 60% orders of two, let me look for the future pat micro shop is likely to become the mainstream consumer shopping platform, so we quickly adjust the focus of several platforms, open shop pat. Golden light.

golden business philosophy practical value and compare the input-output ratio front, so open the pat micro shop after he made a thorough investigation, pat micro shop there is no entrance, you can only rely on fans and wireless advertising business, with Tencent to give support, no doubt is the fastest wireless advertising can gather concept of fans the tool, he also carefully analyzed the pat group, put flat.

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