Mobile electricity supplier development constraints

recently hot mobile Internet, mobile providers have to mention at this time, long before the mobile is now the business enterprise and focus on areas of investment, and now with the emergence of the mobile Internet high-profile, makes mobile providers more attention, according to domestic research firm iResearch released the report pointed out that the first quarter of 2012. Mobile providers have gone beyond the mobile value-added services, has become the largest domestic mobile Internet industry segments, accounting for 42% of the total size of the domestic mobile internet. The mobile phone Taobao accounted for nearly 8, such a large market, the electricity supplier companies are in the layout of recent wildly beating gongs and drums, banks are high-profile announced to enter the field of electricity providers, electricity supplier is see great prospects for development, then the bank will also be involved in the field of mobile providers, are full of pressure and the desire for the future. But at this juncture, I still say that the mobile phone business is now an urgent need to solve the problem.


(I) payment and security

payment is still a key factor restricting the development of mobile electricity supplier. Now Taobao, Dangdang, American corporations and other commercial enterprises have already upgraded version of the client, using Alipay "secure payment payment" to solve the bottleneck, but there are still many electricity providers failed to have the client platform, it also created a threshold for mobile providers, and another topic related to payment: safety, has also become a discussion hot, the way to pay a temporary solution, but to the consumer through the mobile client user’s information security is a major concern, with pay depend on each other, you and I do not want to disclose their shopping through the mobile terminal information, and computer virus is still rampant, mobile phone virus is more worthy of attention, it part by mobile phone access to resources and leakage, this is a serious problem.

(two) client convenience

mobile client is not only a sales and shopping tools, mobile providers is a marketing tool to some, like the now hot like WeChat, will be the future of a powerful marketing tool and communication tools. CEO Zhang Zhijian said the company should make full use of geographical location, camera and other mobile characteristics to achieve customer relationship management and brand marketing functions. For example, express delivery is coming, do not send text messages but send messages, and then, for example, mobile phone sign, you can get points, etc.. In addition, the mobile phone can also make data analysis and marketing platform, the application although the proportion is still relatively small, but its precise characteristics have emerged, such as the use of the price, purchase frequency will increase. Many mobile users do not download love this thing, one is in trouble, the two is spending too much time, the three is to download a client need to waste a lot of traffic, will be able to download WeChat to become now the two-dimensional code is a tool to replace, try the way now, will improve the user experience the user support, whether it is business or industry is the same.

(three) logistics


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