Central document released for the first time the rural electricity supplier alone

[Reuters] news billion state power in February 6th, yesterday, the State Council "document" ("on the supply side to further promote agricultural structural reform, accelerate the development of agriculture and rural development of new energy opinions") introduction, this is the 14 consecutive year, the national focus on agriculture. It is worth noting that the central one document for the first time directly to the rural electricity supplier as a large entry alone displayed.

According to

billion state power network to understand, "Central Document No. fourteenth" clearly put forward to promote the development of rural electricity providers, including:

1, the promotion of new agricultural business entities, processing and distribution enterprises and electricity supplier companies a comprehensive butt fusion, promote the development of interactive online and offline;

2, accelerate the establishment and improvement of agricultural products to adapt to the development of the standard system;

3, support agricultural electronic business platform and rural electricity supplier service site construction;

4, to promote trade, supply and marketing, postal services, electricity providers interoperability, strengthen the construction of the logistics system from the village to the township, the implementation of rural express delivery project;

5, in-depth implementation of e-commerce into rural comprehensive demonstration;

6, encourage the development of local electricity supplier Industrial Park, gathered brand promotion, logistics distribution, personnel training, technical support, quality and safety and other functional services;

7, the full implementation of information villages and households to carry out demonstration projects, promoting the whole province;

8, improve the circulation of agricultural products in the backbone network, accelerate the construction of public agricultural products market system, strengthen agricultural production pre cold cold chain logistics infrastructure network construction, improve the supplying direct system of fresh agricultural products;

9, to promote the "Internet plus" modern agricultural operations.

compared to the 2016 document, this year, the agricultural products related facilities, the construction of the system is still the "document" key, in addition, also added the development of local industrial park to promote the brand, content, distribution logistics, personnel training, provide technical support, ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products.

attached to 2016, one document involving electricity supplier content:

strengthen the circulation of agricultural products and market construction. Sound reasonable layout, unified and open, competitive and orderly modern market system of agricultural products, promoting farmers’ income in invigorating circulation in. We will accelerate the upgrading of the wholesale market of agricultural products, improve the backbone network of circulation, and strengthen the construction of warehousing and logistics facilities for important agricultural products such as grain. Improve cross regional agricultural products cold chain logistics system, to carry out cold chain standardization demonstration, the implementation of agricultural products in the production of pre cooling. Promote the construction of public welfare agricultural products market. Supporting the construction of public service platform for agricultural products marketing. To reduce the logistics cost of agricultural products. To promote and accelerate the development of rural e-commerce, forming the integration of online and offline, agricultural products and consumer goods to the countryside and agricultural town two-way circulation pattern. Accelerate the realization of administrative villages broadband full coverage, innovative telecommunications universal service compensation mechanism to promote rural Internet mention

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