Gome billions of special machines directed at Jingdong electricity supplier or into the wrong

in the face of a huge electricity supplier market, following the May incorporation Kuba, recently the United States (micro-blog) in the business and then force will help Gome (micro-blog) billions of promotional resources provided by the group launched a price war.

yesterday (June 11th), "daily economic news" reporter learned exclusively, the direct supply of special offer machine Gome previously and appliance manufacturers signed more than ten billion yuan, will become the United States online store (hereinafter referred to as the United States mall) shared resources, and tried to lower the whole network market price of around 40%. It is reported that Gome mall of the price war, its direct target is known as the opening this month offered 1 billion yuan month anniversary activities of the Jingdong store.

in this regard, the industry view, in late May Wong Kwong Yu coo8 all incorporated, and the United States Department of business integration, is to pave the way for the launch of the business strategy. At the same time, the current electricity supplier platform for almost every one of them advertised himself as the lowest price, promotional gimmicks full, the United States mall played the whole network of the actual effect of the low price of how the lack of reference.

in addition, the well-known IT critic Jia Jinghua believes that the United States launched a price war, may put the electricity supplier into error, reasonable development mode is the future of the business platform to maintain healthy growth, make their respective market segments.

integration platform for the electricity supplier price war paving

Gome group wants to invest tens of billions of dollars to the United States mall appliance promotional resources, recently circulated in the industry. Previously, Gome and Haier, Samsung, Hisense, Lenovo and other signed a total of 22 billion yuan of the purchase order, the total amount of more than 10 billion yuan of factory direct supply of special offer machine (accounting for nearly 30%), will also be sharing resources to the United States mall.

yesterday, the United States mall director Zhang Bing on the daily economic news reporter, said that there is indeed such a message, the direct purpose of the above special machine strategy is to pull down the whole network market price of around 40%".

Wong Kwong Yu

"overweight electricity supplier, the United States mall as a business strategy core status increasingly prominent." Jia Jinghua believes that the United States had the electricity system is too complex, system and policy and the United States are different Kuba mall, online sales and conflict with what the store does not, which further restricts the development of Gome’s.

May, Wong Kwong Yu realized the Kuba and new beauty (which is responsible for the operation of the absolute control of the United States mall). At the same time, Wong Kwong Yu has agreed to stay after the completion of the acquisition, awarded Kuba / new beauty "non competition clause" immunity, and give a non exclusive "Gome" trademark license.

and an important point is, according to the relevant agreement, Gome Electrical appliances product purchase cost will be directly supply Kuba and new beauty, and to provide logistics and warehousing of goods and customer service service for the two sites. The United States has been successfully incorporated into the United States and the United States and the United States, Cuba, the brand’s brand, in the trademark, product sharing constraints are not." Jia Jinghua believes that this is a move to clear the big country

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