Meow fresh green 2016 for imported goods warehousing and distribution uniform


] January 9th news billion state power network, according billion state power network understanding, Tmall’s fresh platform meow fresh green will begin a series of changes in 2016, imports of fresh to build the whole industry chain.

Tmall has introduced several major changes in 2016, meow fresh green: first, only import business, deep global fresh origin; second, before changing the mode of decentralized operation, unified operation, unified logistics warehousing to take the way, convenient one-stop purchase; third, advance can ensure efficient and can achieve the determination the logistics service delivery time.

meow fresh green head He Chunlei hopes remodeling in the minds of consumers, and consumers to establish a strong impression of feeling meow fresh green of this brand. On the other hand, He Chunlei said, hope that through the meow fresh green revolution, from the industry level to solve the problem in the field of fresh business, to help businesses save cost, build social logistics, open up the industry chain, not only burn money to change the industry status quo.

He Chunlei said the total meow fresh green trading volume in the past year has exceeded other fresh domestic electricity supplier. As the market share of fresh online less than 1% of the line, the future of the field is still a lot of room for development. There are a large number of imported goods into China, or not from the line into the online channel. Meow fresh narrowed scope of business and service in order to focus on better."

According to

billion state power network to understand, meow fresh green in October 2015 and from five continents in 25 countries, hundreds of fresh associations and representatives of government agencies signed a strategic agreement. He Chunlei introduction, meow fresh green interact further in 2016 and will also foreign farmers, foreign sellers, helping them to understand the needs of consumers Chinese.

in addition, meow fresh green the biggest change is reflected in the mode of operation, will be unified logistics warehousing of goods, goods will be sent to the user to buy disposable, just according to the room temperature, fresh and frozen package. Because of the particularity of the fresh category, there are many businesses alone is difficult to solve their own problems in the chain, meow fresh green will come forward to open and unified series of various resources.

In addition to the

supply chain upgrade, change the survival meow fresh sales model, the display of goods will no longer be a simple form of the shelf, but now the channel based on the introduction of pre-sale + all the chips of the sales model of sales model. At the same time the scene of the shopping recommendations and packages, as well as menu style shopping guide. He Chunlei said, we often do not know what to eat, fresh this category need to push and introduce. And the needs of users will be more specific and personalized, such as planning pregnant women prepare pregnant period attention to what to eat what to eat to lose weight; people can help reduce fat, special shopping guide can better address these needs, "

about the logistics distribution, meow fresh green and rookie by cooperation, try in a very short period of time or the consumer agreed time delivery. Beijing as a pilot city, within five rings of users can now enjoy three hours of service, the future will be >

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