Dangdang.com denies forced booksellers multiple promotions publishers only refers to the surface of

Dangdang denied forced many booksellers with promotional; publishing agencies responsible person, in the channel monopoly situation, it is difficult to refuse business requirements

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia Zhang Hong) for the following books about the threat suppliers to participate in the sales promotion, dangdang.com said in a statement released yesterday, "the two sides in the premise of full communication by agreement is not mandatory, in press." For Dangdang yesterday’s statement, a number of publishers responsible person responded that the surface of the negotiations, but there is a mandatory component.

: press and Dangdang are Yushuiguanji

previously, a number of Dangdang book supplier said Dangdang received on the vicious price war promotion notice. The notice said, in order to deal with a site to provoke lower than the cost of promotional price war, was forced to fight back, the supplier must bear part of the promotional costs. For a small number of participants do not participate, Dangdang has four books published under the framework of the organization.

in this regard, Dangdang said in a statement yesterday, is not forced to participate in the press, the two sides have agreed on the premise of full communication. Dangdang.com hopes puerile way to press and consumers to achieve a win-win situation."

was founded 13 years ago, between dangdang.com and publishing house has been a close relation, mutual benefit and common development." Dangdang.com said in a statement, the price Rangli cost shared by dangdang.com and press in certain activities, the company has undertaken the most.

Publishing House: surface negotiations have mandatory ingredients

yesterday, a number of publishers in charge of the Beijing News reporter said that in the case of channel monopoly, it is difficult to refuse electricity supplier requirements. Although there are consultations on the surface, but in fact there is a mandatory component.

, a large book company general manager on condition of anonymity, said: we have more books, the company relies heavily on Dangdang sales. For example, Dangdang sales for a month, equivalent to a province of private agents a year of sales. Although the strength of our company is not bad, but when the game and Dangdang, in discourse on the right or in a passive, because Dangdang has formed the channel monopoly, is our large customers for very important publications, we bargain more and more small. If you are a small company, it is more difficult to refuse the promotion rebate request dangdang. Because once the book is under the shelves Dangdang, it will significantly affect sales. In the case of channel monopoly, Dangdang negotiations can not say that there is no mandatory component."

, another deputy general manager of the publishing house, said: "sometimes people do not participate in the promotion, you do not participate, then your sales will decline. The strength of the weak, I am afraid it is difficult to refuse the request of rebate promotions."

books in the field of multi hegemony

according to the reporter, Dangdang has said there are more than 2000 suppliers, and some of the long-term cooperation with the book >

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