Free lunch no longer have a strong push Taobao pictures space

in September 15th, received a tip, in Adult supplies category forcibly shielding external images, only supports the use of Taobao pictures in picture space. After learning the news, I can not help but sigh, no longer have a free lunch. The specific content of the notice. Sellers are well aware that this is just looking for a reason to push

highfalutin picture space

offers free space for countless


back, when just founded, in order to attract sellers, each policy is to the seller tilt, once launched products "and died because of the felicitous wish of making money" by the seller against. At that time for the seller, Taobao is a good place for zero cost entrepreneurship.

now, the situation has undergone tremendous changes. When Taobao in the C2C market dominance, began to erode the seller’s profits step by step. From "consumer protection" to "Wang Pu", "through train" to "sell tyrants", the seller’s profit is gradually transformed into Taobao’s profit.

in the Google input "free picture space", about 29600000 query results. And most of them are to Taobao and other platforms to provide services to sellers. Needless to say, after a large number of brush Credit Companies closed down, album space providers will follow. A small part of the picture space for Taobao vendors to sell profit will be shut down.

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