Every day since the restructuring of the conflict more than ten franchisees to suspend business in B

changed hands again, finally by Shanghai Tongyuan President Xi Chunyang took personal express every day, once again into the predicament of reform.

yesterday (April 9th), general manager of North China express every day on the daily economic news reporter confirmed that yesterday, more than a dozen franchisees in Beijing to suspend business Pan Xiaozhong.


reporter understood by the parties, the reason to suspend business mainly lies in the Daily Express "restructuring transfer franchise" conflicts, including the Beijing part of the franchisee’s school fees and subsidies, has owed nearly half a year ago, while Beijing district management is refers to the confusion caused by the "morale" instability.

Pan Xiaozhong told reporters that, already find peer help, suspend business will not affect the normal operation of the interests of customers and the market in Beijing, and has won 20 million funds from the headquarters, and strive to solve all problems in this month.

default fee restructuring policy cited dissatisfaction with

this is a historical issue.

previously, HNA Group’s northern headquarters every day in May 2010 after the injection of delivery, to obtain 60% of the shares, then proceed to reform the original franchise outlets for the direct or controlling mode. This direct conflict with the intention of HNA express to join the inherent pattern of disease, as well as HNA Department of SOE blood and every day of running private gene leads to failure, every day there is always HNA ill management, the problem of poor management, eventually become HNA performance burden, in August 2012 transferred to Shen Tongyuan President Xi Chunyang.

Xi Chunyang then set every day, every day will immediately start direct outlets to Hainan for the restructuring of the franchise model. Unexpectedly, the resulting problem.

express every day to join the business in Beijing told the daily economic news reporter, at the headquarters of the general headquarters of the direct transfer of the command, the Beijing area will be the original straight offices were merged into a branch. It brings huge pressure to the franchisee to pay ten thousand or twenty thousand deposit, the original will be able to do business, according to a new method for the calculation of branch, ten pay the initial fee can be continued, the actual "shuffle".

"the original contract is not transferable, now also joined the implementation of the regional buyout, allow the" transfer to join. ". Want to change all the branches of Beijing into a transfer system." A franchisee told reporters.

at the same time, the franchisee uneasy is that after Xi since last August Chunyang officially took over the daily express, in the Beijing area has at the same time only in September last year issued a school fees and subsidies, also do not sign a formal contract with Beijing franchisee, franchisee is no sense of security, so every day headquarters for restructuring, pay jiamengfei and "transfer to join" which is also accused of misappropriating suspects.

in this regard, Pan Xiaozhong told reporters yesterday that the company in advance in accordance with the process of all reasonable and legitimate and reasonable way, because the original management team was not in place.

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