At the end of the Rio Olympic Games, the content of the 5 overseas marketing case


Olympic Games as the focus of global attention, but also the peak moment of brand marketing. Chinese active in social media, competition elements of the Olympic Games is an important means of marketing: Although the manufacturers in different forms (video, posters, activities), but they are nothing more than around the theme of "struggle, refueling, blessing". However, on the whole, the content of the domestic Olympic marketing creative similarity is higher.

Olympic Games is a great event for all mankind, let us look at overseas social media, to see how the brand planning.

[case 1] Kellogg ‘Great Starts: brand vision, beyond product characteristics s

Kellogg ‘s (Kellogg) is the world’s leading manufacturer of breakfast cereals and snacks. Only a short while ago, corn flakes has 100 years of history (Cereal) is a family of choice for breakfast. But today, consumer choice has become more diversified. Can be seen everywhere, elegant Starbucks can meet the needs of breakfast.

in such a market environment, how to make consumers (especially the younger millennials) interested in an old product category, which is a huge challenge. Kellogg’s hope through the Olympic Games to enhance their brand influence, but if it is just a long history, the quality of health promotion of the product does not seem to resonate with consumers strong and touching, and creative vision needs a higher realm of


not everyone eats cornflakes for breakfast, but everyone wants their day to start with a beautiful morning. The Olympic Games before the start, as the British Olympic team sponsors Kellogg launched Great Starts works collection competition, encourage consumers to share good morning in your own mind in the form of pictures or video.

British Olympic athletes set the health and the Olympic spirit in one, is undoubtedly the best brand concept of the promoters, therefore, gymnast Louis Smith fired the first shot. His great starts: after you press the clicks of the wake up alarm, the bed is simple stretching; then a dazzling array of gymnastics, such as handstand from down the stairs, a small living room on the seat Thomas circle, the kitchen table before the roll; finally to holding a bowl of corn flakes, Kellogg ‘s and word split ends. This is the beginning of a new day, dynamic and beautiful!


the campaign to Olympic athletes in the morning for the introduction, attracting wide social participation.

George a day, began to his son (the future Olympic athlete Lil Kellogg ‘s) fed a healthy breakfast; Jamie good morning and stacked in the body sleep wake up with baby; for Joanne, good morning than yoga; while Ginn morning from the backyard to play football. No matter what you have in the morning

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