Easy letter has been the reason for the occupation of the popular easy to believe

these days, a high-profile launch of easy letter, so that IT ring crazy, it was reported that the letter was officially released three days, the number of users exceeded 5 million. Lu Songsong also tried to install, and found that most of them are to join in the fun, but also inexplicably close to many groups, engage in the phone in the middle of the night, the initial experience, feeling bad. But I would like to talk about the letter from the marketing point of view.

easy letter hot I think there are three reasons:

1, NetEase, joint efforts to promote telecommunications, NetEase online, telecommunications channels, the future will be easy to appear in the telecommunications junk contract machine.

2, most of the ordinary users rushed to send text messages, phone calls, as well as telecommunications users rushed to the flow.

3, as described in this article, marketers have begun enclosure.


design and development are easy to do NetEase, operation and promotion of NetEase has also done a part of what Telecom do? 1 investment, telecommunications is the big head. 2 server is provided by telecom. It is said that his most imaginative enough to user growth. 3 a variety of interfaces, such as text messages, message interfaces are provided by telecommunications. 4 the establishment of a joint venture company will be a part of the staff of the company, it is estimated that NetEase to R & D and design based, telecom operators based on. But easy to believe, as the proliferation of marketing, the outcome will die.

played a circle of easy to find the letter or IT circle, especially the majority of marketers, activity can also be, marketing is very heavy taste, the general public to participate in the little poor. Easy to take the letter is also expected to take the road after the development of norms.


and WeChat by the opposite strategy: WeChat with "no clean water to fish strategy, easecredit with" fish in troubled waters "strategy, encouraging everyone out of order free marketing. You can add friends. This few days easecredit friend with very fast, what threshold are not, we are in a state of madness to add friends, but easy to believe in order to control the filthy phenomenon, has already started.

also registered celebrity strategy are used to the extreme, obvious celebrity ID was registered, at that time it was found that many registered celebrities ID account that can take advantage of this kind of speculation, ID either cancelled or withdrawn, micro-blog platform is a lesson. The end result is likely to be empty,

is a group of people close behind, it was issued Chen Anzhi courses. Then in the online search found right enough, that is the first large-scale play easy to believe that Chen Jiajun, Chen’s team, easecredit circle is a follower of Chen Anzhi occupation success background almost occupied easecredit. The group and there were a lot of easecredit training courses, I thought it was a few days, it was advertised as "proficient", began training, "what a successful day plus friends of 3000 people, was invited to join a group of 300 within 2 days, can not be ignored and so on!" "

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