The seven steps of enterprise blog marketing

first, blog marketing objectives and positioning

blog marketing process must have a clear goal, and then rotten target positioning is stronger than no target positioning. The goal of the process should be based on the actual situation of their own development, financial and human resources. The target and position is too low, no head, a waste of energy; the target location is too high, can not achieve the flower in the mirror.

take Li Jun’s own business, for the enterprise in terms of SEO has a larger short board and through the search engine advertising has brought a lot of commercial traffic situation, made the blog marketing two goals:

1.            improve keyword visibility and natural ranking in search engines

if this can be done, you can compete with Baidu advertising and Google keyword advertising form a healthy complement, thereby promoting SEM.

2.            influence customer purchase decision through valuable content

we have a certain degree of visibility in the industry, and there is a relatively large amount of commercial traffic every day, so the conversion rate of customers is a very critical issue for us.


two, blog marketing platform selection

generally speaking, there are three kinds of blog platform to choose from: independent platform, BSP platform, in the original website blog board. But by a platform independent search engine, the weight on the search engine will also have the advantage of BSP platform; choose reasonable, can directly use the existing search engine weight advantage, and in the platform if approved after members of the obtained great attention; in the original web site opened blog plate, can form a network marketing and the content of the mutual complementary and pull the website itself.

Li Jun is taking into account the needs of the company as a blog marketing pilot security and time cycle, select the BSP blog platform.


three, blog marketing content

          content is the basis of blog marketing, there is no good content can not have efficient blog marketing. Good content is not big horn blindly praise, nor boring talk with eloquence. What kind of blog content is good content? There is only one principle: true and reliable content for the customer.

          Li Jun according to the characteristics of the enterprise in the training industry, identified four content direction:

1. valuable training industry information

to provide customers with valuable information

2. invited the students free class "

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