Enterprise website construction how to let customers love you

With the rise of

website construction boom, many companies have set up a website. But the site is built, whether it represents the customer will send it?. The "sea", to talent shows itself during the competition, let the customer love you, is never easy.

wants to attract customers, sales through the website, first of all to correct the idea that a website, but the bridge between enterprises and customers! Website like people, appearance (page design), speech (web content), behavior (interactive function) can affect customer’s judgment, decision the customer is willing to cooperate with you.

well, understand that, let’s get to the point.

first, the website home page: let the customer to you love at first sight

a successful business often begins with a first meeting with a client. Clothing, hairstyle, facial expression, voice…… , every detail will affect the customer to your judgment. The home page of the site is the first impression you give the customer, the color of the home page, layout, navigation, and even the speed of the site, will determine the customer’s impression of the enterprise.

so, how to attract customers home page?

first, the opening speed of the home page must be fast, do not let customers wait until the flowers are also grateful. Some companies deliberately set up a home page to show the animation of corporate culture or products, hoping to allow customers to enjoy the animation, and then into the theme, the results are counterproductive. Internet browsing efficiency, once the customer waiting for more than 8 seconds, the vast majority of customers will leave you,

secondly, the image of the home page should be bright, to meet customer preferences and corporate characteristics.

to let customers remember you, it is "different". But "out of the ordinary" does not mean "to" personal independence of conduct ", customer preferences to design, different industries, different brands for customers, brand philosophy is different from the image of the website must also make customers more personalized, to create atmosphere and experience the kind, can let customers willing to continue browsing.

[link] case of Procter & Gamble owns OLAY, Pampers, Tide and even Pringles and other categories of products, according to the characteristics of customer groups and product positioning, every product is provided with an independent website, show different brand personality. Such as the design of simple white OLAY to cater to female customer preferences; Pampers cartoon interesting image to attract attention of parents.

two, website column: with the customer to find a common topic

has a good first impression, then, to allow customers to have a good impression, it is necessary to find a common topic with customers. Web site planning to focus on customer needs to set up, to allow customers to be interested, and do not take the enterprise as the center.

website planning, to do the following:

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