The lowest cost to get the highest return WeChat marketing is not how you play


review: yesterday saw a business Daniel openly selling millions of WeChat fans in micro-blog, a lot of people really feel the marketing ideas remain in the feudal era, that means or too pursuit of short-term money fast. The man blocked from Mou Changqing WeChat without the bottom line of the blog can see signs, WeChat marketing play like micro-blog, unlike bulk sms. The bullet is limited, with the lowest cost to get the highest return that each enterprise is the pursuit of the goal, and then continue to trial and error, rather than to seriously think about exactly how to play the WeChat marketing.

do not know WeChat users started to play the proportion of really a lot, but also thanks to the many people in the online blood advocate to lead into the fire, like a swarm of bees. Last week, I was deeply touched when I was talking to a Moutai manager. Some time ago the plasticizer, Official business expenses have great influence on liquor sales, even if the use of network marketing is also very difficult to carry out. So the boss thought of the ability to use WeChat to do marketing. How can WeChat users concentrated in white-collar groups, students, and Moutai consumer groups, the rich that is expensive, mainly over the age of 35 in high income groups. It is clear that the intersection between the target customer groups and WeChat’s user groups is too little, so the use of WeChat marketing does not fly.

, of course, a WeChat marketing cattle industry’s point of view and I differ, he thought to be able to consolidate old customers and new customers, enhance the user experience, optimize the process and improve the efficiency and meet the above requirements of the industry can do WeChat marketing. We do not argue, have a very simple reason. But for the WeChat user group this, we do know very little, often as one of their own user’s subjective idea, imposed on another more than 400 million of users. Our target customer groups and the number of people who use WeChat, WeChat in what circumstances, the use of WeChat’s high frequency is not high, why use WeChat, you know? Now more and more emphasis on precision marketing, and a fan of the active attention to your public account and on behalf of the fans will have a value, the lack of it is the interaction of a dead fly.

The number of fans of WeChat’s

is a piece of Braised pork in brown sauce some people eat, not how many, some people eat diarrhea is not to eat. As a short message, a large number of customer list would have sufficient exposure, regardless of the gun lying in a few people get shot on the line anyway. The commonly used way of brush powder is the main content of large, many properties with society, for example, beautiful pictures, beautiful nocturne. Do these, is easily extended, attracted mostly grass root male, is the meaning of unfamiliar street. Through the PC side of the Android simulator, plus a set of automatic batch click operation software can do the private micro signal to the public. Registered private micro signal can be purchased in a large number of Taobao QQ account, the information is set on the beauty of the head and the number of public attention to guide the temptation of words, and then virtual positioning, mass greeting plus good

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