Ancient Huajing four micro business friends of the soft Wen promotion small coup

friends are good friends to do micro business means what? This means that publicity and promotion, and that means more orders, more revenue. However, how do the micro business plus friends this point stumped a lot of friends, friends say you are? A lot of micro friends empty dreams, but do not know how to walk the road to fortune, so very worried. Should do a lot of micro business requirements of friends, I am here to share my personal summary of the four strokes WeChat plus friends of the soft Wen promotion methods, I hope to help and inspire friends. My micro signal: jingpingcn. Early micro business practitioners, this small achievements, you can add WeChat exchange.



first recruit. Do friends push each other method:

with strong interpersonal promotion of products, if there are 100 friends you WeChat, everyone help you push a product of the day, your product will be ten times the amount of attention by your friends, network support is the most powerful, must be reasonable use.

second strokes. Do forum marketing method:

with a soft marketing to match the pictures to the forum published an article on the million is the amount of press forum every day, imagine if you do good pictures and soft enough to attract people, will bring much benefit for you


third. Release the soft promotion method:

(a), put together, put all sorts of things together, see a good article on the last, and together, he is your original.

(two), modification method, novice usual method, to find suitable for their own products, modify it, let him closer to your subject, and combine to be a good copy of the picture, the first is soft, the user read your article to attract enough, this is good, "/p>

(three), summed up the law, this is more difficult, we can modify the initial law, followed by the use of a piece of law, and finally can be summed up with ease.

(four), case law, can write my friends and my experience, what’s more than you to use a more persuasive? Don’t exaggeration in this note is just perfect can! Especially for weight loss, breast enhancement, skin care products.

write soft general steps:

1, micro business needs to determine the theme, the title must be attractive!

2, lists the outline, finishing writing ideas

3, write the beginning, pay attention to the attention, the first 30 words is the power of others to see this article.

4, at the end of the summary and supplement, you can echo the beginning of the summary of the general content and product direction, so that more tourists come to you.

fourth strokes. Active plus friends! Why do I add each other as a friend, the other party does not agree with it? I have two years of experience after the study share:

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