2006 broadband website planning profit model exploration

    06 years, known as the network broadband first year, during the year, the major companies in the terminal have pushed spare no effort to do flow, at the same time, also in efforts to find its own direction of profit. Although, it is always with little success, but learning from observation, but also for the future exploration of the road of endless quest and more reference.

      development of China Internet advertising revenue, supporting power did not, from sina to Sohu, the major site of 50% business income depends on the BANNER advertising text, pictures, into the broadband era, with the emergence of a large number of video advertising form, form more began to appear in a more intuitive form of video and sound. But from the development of this year, the profit model is advertising network broadband website is one of the few reality of profit model, but the development is not good, for each big website, just have a proven business income, but also can not support the normal operation of their own.

      from the type of today’s broadband website, the main form of advertising can be divided into the following categories


broadband website

distribution technology

advertising form

advantages and disadvantages

charging mode

application enterprise


P2P streaming media website

P2P technology

mainly for the live festival of the current patch ads and programs in the insertion of advertising. The form is similar to traditional television advertising.


user interface, easy to skip, but similar to traditional forms of advertising to the user objectionable


calculates the price of an ad based on the length of the channel.



video sharing site

traditional CDN distribution

is mainly for video playback before the buffer stage patch ads or kakari advertising.

video content type does not necessarily help advertisers brand

to CPM (1000 people cost) to calculate the advertising price

popcorn, Youku and other


subscription video website

P2P technology

in the user’s subscription program channel content in the form of patch advertising,

advertising close to the needs of the audience, the arrival rate is high, strong purpose.




simple video advertising form

traditional CDN mode

special advertising for advertisers

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