Lao Xie 11 steps of product soft

old Xie wrote so many years of product soft Wen, some experience to share with you, hope to webmaster some help!

the first step, a detailed understanding of the project

what are the service items, the project schedule, the weekly work schedule, the nature and requirements of customers, the main marketing strategy and direction. This is directly related to the quality of your soft wen.

second step, research and analysis of the product information

product ingredients, origin, unique formula, efficacy mechanism, scientific and technological content, the obtained technical achievements, R & D background, R & D information.

third steps to study similar product information

similar product formula, product mechanism, unique selling point, advertising language, research background, research information, technical content, main media strategy and advertising, newspaper clippings, other promotional materials.

fourth steps, data collection

Internet access, library collection, collection on the bookstore, the terminal retail store collection.

fifth steps, keyword search

design and product related keywords, such as mechanism, concept, function, symptoms, classification, related news, seasonal category.

sixth steps, finishing screening

according to the audit data, related data editing, pick out the useful materials, be arranged to collate.

seventh steps to find out the relevant accident information

in the data collection process, you may find some surprises, should be arranged in a timely manner, the project members to share.

eighth step, refining the core interests of the product point

understand the product of other competing products, put forward the concept of core products, the mechanism of innovation, innovation, from the technology from refining summarized the symptoms from the crowd, positioning, positioning the symptoms, the ad on location.

ninth steps, planning the product foundation copy

with 400 – 600 words, the main advantages in products: from raw material, symptoms of induction, the content of science and technology, the unique mechanism and effect of commitment, certification authority, advertising and other aspects of language, embodies the characteristics of product differentiation, show the product’s core interests.

tenth steps, creative soft Title Strategy

products listed according to the different stages of creative thinking, soft strategy, planning related to the title of the soft, soft main strategy creative title from news, efficacy, authority, emotional cases, seasonal perspective. Lao Xie suggested that we usually see others in the article when more attention, think more.

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