The financial Jingdong officially completed 6 billion 650 million yuan financing this year Dabu weal

Jingdong group recently announced in the fourth quarter of 2015 earnings announcement, Jingdong financial transactions of RMB 6 billion 650 million financing completed in March 1, 2016. After this financing, Jingdong group will control the majority of Jingdong equity.


in early January 12th, the Jingdong group and lead investor Sequoia Capital Investment Fund Chinese, Castrol and Chinese Pacific Insurance three to complete the capital increase agreement binding signed, to finalize the A round of financing.

financial Jingdong in 2 years, has been built on ant gold suit complete business system. According to previous financing plan, consumer finance and supply chain finance business in second, the third largest source of income, revenue accounted for the first three quarters of 2015 total revenue of 22% and 18%, the supply chain finance is the only profitable business of Jingdong.

recently, Jingdong financial focus on business and internal architecture has been adjusted. The official said, in 2015 the main development of supply chain finance, consumer finance, all the chips of this type of business, in 2016 to develop the wealth management oriented C end users of the product, "the development of B end and C end, strengthen investment".

followed by personnel adjustment, the original congregation to raise the division responsible person, vice president Jin Lin recently responsible for the strategy, will focus on planning wealth management sector, because the original piece is not doing well".

, an investment bank on the 36 krypton said, "Jingdong in the financial wealth management, in the form of the whole product supermarket shelves placed above, complete the connection process preliminary, this is a typical way of traffic platform, but we do not know what to do, no platform to provide research services, not good investor education."

wealth management related sources, the next step in planning, not only limited to the current market popular to provide users with primary financial products, the future will focus on the hierarchical financial groups, creating different scenarios, provide targeted solutions. Jingdong finance also includes private equity financing business, the future does not rule out the combination of other products, in the high net worth users force.

previously worked with financial Jingdong CITIC Bank issued a joint credit card, online diversion by the Jingdong, CITIC have final approval, but according to my understanding, the recent continuous two business backbone of the company’s business, although the income is good, but they were refused to CITIC Bank credit card issuers, it shows that such cooperation does not grasp the financial Jingdong leading.

currently, Jingdong finance factoring, small loans, payment and corporate credit license. Personal credit license, Jingdong finance is seeking, and for the application of the consumer banking license, there are Jingdong financial sources on the new financial disclosure, estimated fast".

previously, the supply chain finance and consumer finance business is basically based on its own funds to lend, save >

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