The enterprise website over the necessity to – portal search by industry portal

first, industry portals, industry competitors and downstream enterprises through the operation of the means (conference marketing etc.) to your website and demand information, and advertising information, let your business become a star industry, the company’s brand has been greatly improved! At the same time to achieve profitability (membership fee + advertising), of course, shoot two hawks with one arrow to achieve this goal!, is not so simple, therefore, need to develop a detailed promotion operation plan! Which should include the development of your company at several stages of the portal, and necessary to achieve those objectives by means of promotion, personnel requirements, budget


the second industry portal operation to a certain extent, the stability of the stability of active users, advertisers, increasing registered users, when this is all on the right track, is what you are looking for risk investment time, essential for a detailed business plan! Which should include the development prospects of the industry, the company the position in the industry, and how to get venture capital after the operation, the operation process of the monitoring mechanism (fully open, transparent), also have the expected profit, let more venture capital firm to give money to you


in short, when there is a wind investment after the intervention, you can grow and expand your company’s portal, becoming the next China chemical network is not out of reach!

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