Thinking about personal portal

    every day to look at Admin5, today my old computer does not know what’s wrong, form forms can not transmit data, do not know what reason, so take the time to write something here to admin5.

    some of his pictures have been closed for more than 1 months, and I don’t know what to do now. Reflection has done its own website, the feeling is the garbage station, in order to cheat some traffic, content is collected, the template is applied, they are rarely management, such sites can only earn a few money, is not enough to maintain their livelihood.

    he has always wanted to link the network and real life, then it is necessary to think of the local portal.

but the establishment of local portal is not so simple, he has been thinking about how to build a web site, so that the site has a very good development.

Wang said: "do the most simple website, do the simplest mode, the smallest field", I agree with this point. The development of the personal portal site, I also think that development should be from the field, from a County Development Zone, this region, although people do not flow, but if we can get some traffic, you can directly contact with some local businesses. This is not going to be bullied by advertisers such as League or google. My own Google account was K several times.

I am an amateur webmaster, just know some ASP program, also do not have too much time, want to engage in a personal portal is impossible. So how can you build a local portal.

I’m going to talk about their own ideas, I do not know right or wrong, let’s talk about it!

1, looking for partners, looking for partners in different regions. Why search for partners in different regions? Think of a commonly used word "integration", so what is the advantage?

(1), sharing content, such as a portal to the channel, such as jokes, such as beauty, delicacy, etc. some of the content of things, if every webmaster to collect, this is very troublesome, if such a sharing of resources, to a certain extent, it will save your time and do not need to repeat the work.

(2), program sharing, portals can actually have a lot of channels, the content can be a joke, delicacy, music, beauty, and some common content information, as long as the use of these general CMS can fix. But some other things we can share, for example classification navigation area (here I have a, his previous modification of others, if we put the static generated), the program to share out, so you can save your time. For example, friends, and now there are a lot of free procedures, but some things are not very healthy, if you want to take it directly, and some procedures are very reluctant. I >

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