Dropbox business model analysis does not evil way to seize the user

Dropbox is a network storage service commonly used, can achieve multi computer file sharing and file synchronization, the initial free space of Dropbox is 2GB, can be increased to 10GB by invitation, the Dropbox operation has many recommended techniques for Internet software developers reference.

use experience

The primary factor

any success is the use of Internet product experience, Dropbox experience is very good, do not take up too much system resources, download speed, the upload speed is also fast, several G files are usually a few hours can be downloaded, the transmission speed is good to a cloud of products.

recommendation mechanism

Dropbox is the standard recommendation mechanism of viral marketing, the new registered users only 2G space, if the user wants to increase their free space to 10G, then to invite their friends to register, every successful registration will make friends their own storage space increased by 250M, this kind of user, as long as their 32 friends registered use can achieve 10G space.

recommended a variety of ways, Dropbox provides three, 1, to share the link form, the user can be invited to send links to Facebook, Twitter or their own Blog. 2, through the mail address book sent to their mailbox contacts, support Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and other commonly used e-mail. 3, online mass mailing, Dropbox provides an online mass invite link interface.



to participate in a number of well-known science and technology awards competition is an important means of publicity, Dropbox successfully won the 2008 annual Crunchies Winners Award 2008 best new product award, so that its reputation.

profit model

a sustainable profit model is a necessary condition for the development of Internet products, if the light to provide free products without profit, it is difficult to support the huge bandwidth and server resources, Dropbox profit model is very simple, is to pay for the purchase of space, 50G space and 100G space for $99 a year, $199 a year, the the relative price of other products is still relatively high.


open interface

open interface (Open API) allows third party software vendors to develop all kinds of Dropbox applications, and even profit from, an open application interface can improve user viscosity and loyalty, the Dropbox API provides a set >

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