Fierce competition in the smart home industry how to do network promotion

smart home this new concept of products for some people is still relatively unfamiliar. In the second tier cities in the smart home industry has gradually spread. Also seen on the Internet about smart home advertising. Perhaps it can be said that smart home in people’s lives has not been popular, but on the Internet has been very popular speculation. So in view of the fierce competition in the home industry, how to do a good job in the network promotion? I mainly divided into three stages.

a, for brand planning:

the development of the domestic Internet has been very mature, the fresh event will be widely spread. For the smart home industry, we need to do is brand planning, how to attract the user’s eye is the focus. Any industry is not a single, smart home industry is no exception, do brand packaging is the key. So how to do brand planning?

1 TV advertising: let users passively received advantages: wide coverage, disadvantages: not directed, very expensive, (level promotion;

belongs to the nouveau riche)

2 in the major portal advertising: Using Network Alliance promotion, comparative advantage: flow orientation, disadvantages: show the force is not enough;

3 event hype promotion: seize a special event, to seize the key to the smart home industry related to a product hype. Advantages: free, covering a wide range of people, weaknesses: this event can not be met, the need to carefully observe the dynamics of the Internet as well as strong internet marketing thinking.

This kind of

planning in Beijing in 2010 under heavy rain, Durex is with the event released a micro-blog, the results don’t change about 30000000 times, directly affect millions of micro-blog users. Durex did not spend a penny to the brand effective propaganda out.

two, brand penetration:

what is the brand penetration? Smart home industry is a new concept, when our products in the Internet has a certain brand effect, then our next work is to do brand penetration. How to do brand penetration?

1 major portal contributors:

batch submission weak advertising operation, with the third party platform in the major portals such as Sina, NetEase, Sohu, etc. in the corresponding sections, such as Home Furnishing, home appliances and other parts for soft Wen contribute. Need to use third party, there is a special editor to write to you about the type of article, can be coupled with the company’s product picture and the company’s name, some sections can also leave links. The effect is to allow more people to focus on the smart home products more familiar with the brand, so that the brand more penetration.

2 Forum promotion:

BBS forum is a platform for gathering popularity, the forum can be used to communicate, self-expression, Tucao, etc.. Forum is also a very good platform to do the brand. How to do branding in the Forum

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