Eugenics to be a responsible website parents

said last week that the operation of a station need to give this station enough "food" and "drinking water" – look for the source of the site ( However, it is remedial measures, most cattle owners should learn to "eugenics", the station has not been born before the design of a "cute" baby health "".

how to do? It is recommended that we look at the win in China, Ma’s comments, Dr. Ma is a qualified site of Obstetrics and Gynecology doctor!

what kind of "baby" "gene" best? Consider a few questions:

a, choose a suitable industry. The most important way to make money is advertising, the industry has not enough, the ongoing advertising budget?.

two, suitable for industry food chain structure. The survival of the fittest! And one will not The whole army was wiped out. Be careful! Be careful!

three, a reasonable profit model design. The early site may not be profitable, but not three years is not "weaning"? Alibaba still give Taobao do nanny, Ma said:

very tired!

four, reasonable promotion plan. I said, not long winded.

well, parenting knowledge introduced finished. Then, military and political leaders of Ning will




a few months ago heard such a story: one day at a time, a poor little civil servants introduced a "project of a few wealthy".

a tycoon asked: "how much?"

"300 thousand."

"what is the profit model?"

"well, temporary · · · · · ·"

"how long can you start making money?"

"well, temporary · · · · · ·"

then, the big 300 thousand investment opened a restaurant. Then, the big 5 years refused to use something called QQ. Because, the civil servant named Ma Huateng, want to do is a copy of the QICQ thing!

source: dream Qinhuai (

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