Where the wind in the third round of $15 million to be listed into the next year

                  station network November 12th News Travel vertical search engine "where will be announced a $15 million financing in today, this is the company’s third round of financing. At the end of the month, the domestic homogeneous search site announced the acquisition by Expedia, the price of more than $12 million, and Expedia’s tourism website cooperation, accelerate the layout in Chinese. Investors in tourism website again by a silent concern turned to make investments, the domestic online travel industry competition waves again.

                "where to go" for the third round of financing from GGV (GGV) led a $15 million investment funds, strengthen brand building, marketing promotion and market development to help companies. Up to now, where to go after three rounds of financing actually received $27 million. Previously, where to go, respectively, in 2006 to get the first round of Jinsha River venture capital and Mayfield millions of dollars in investment and the second round of investment led by Lehman brothers in the $10 million in 2007. The lead GGV was due to invest in Alibaba and gain 7 times after the cash is known, but also with Baidu, potatoes, Chinese friends and other Internet Co linked together.

                in the recently held 2009 China Internet Conference, where President Zhuang Chenchao publicly expressed     "where to go" to be listed in 2010, 2011, the initial listing in the United States of New York or Hongkong in China, is currently follow the prescribed order expansion plan.

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