Google will spend $140 million acquisition of Russian contextual advertisers

Beijing on July 19th news: according to U.S. media reports, the U.S. Google company announced on Friday, will cost $140000000 acquisition of a Russian context advertisers. This shows that Google accelerate the pace of overseas expansion of online advertising.

the Russian company called "Zao Begun", commonly known as "Begun"".

company was founded six years ago, mainly to provide search and contextual advertising services. At present, there are forty thousand advertisers and the content of the site consisting of alliance.

is reported that the company’s largest shareholder is the Russian Internet giant Rambler media company. The company’s Web services include search engines, instant messaging, online newspapers, price comparison, etc..

Rambler said that in addition to the transfer of this site, they also signed an agreement with Google, will be placed in their portal Google AdSense context advertising.

Rambler said they would acquire the remaining shares of Begun, and then transfer the entire company to Google. Excluding the acquisition of shares in the cost, they expected from the net income of $fifty million in this transaction.

reported last year, Russian search advertising and contextual advertising market capacity of $more than 200 million, more than doubled over the previous year. According to Rambler estimates, Begun revenue will grow by 50% per year.

is reported that in the first four months of this year, Begun achieved a profit of $3 million 400 thousand.

search advertising is placed on the side of the search results of the ad, contextual advertising is placed in the third party web site advertising. Google’s technology enables intelligent matching of advertising and web content.

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