Alexa big adjustment, Chinese food and beverage classification information website fell sharply

      recently, Alexa once again greatly updated, I took a look at the boring place, be startled at many companies site are found, serious decline, a lot is said to get venture capital or invested a lot of money. I mainly do food / food category. The next one said

      only the top 10 rankings to the top of the site (originally in the 2,3 million).

      change only Alibaba acquired word of mouth network (, this need not introduce. Very famous) and people’s daily life network ( this site is a small site I do, ranking around 30 thousand).


      no significant change. May belong to the normal adjustment of the public comment ( is also said to get a lot of investment, but now the day is more than 6000 ranking. The original has been around 2000), as well as rice unification network (, is said to have a certain income in Beijing and a lot of restaurants)

comparison below   severe: (original 34000 bit). Now more than 90 thousand. Parent companies engaged in related websites in Japan has been listed (

) (the original 56000 dropped to the about 200000 bit. The operation of the company’s Web site, had in DoNews and other media and Fantong debate) (this has been lost in the past, now is about 300000. On the home page has been known as China’s catering industry boss) (eight network, the original domain name is good to, is said to have invested millions of operations. Original 56000. Now about 300000) (background is not clear, and now no ranking) (the original 56000 is now about 90 thousand. It is said that the boss is a major shareholder of Listed Companies in the domestic investment. Is also the company’s operation) [Sichuan drink network, should be a person to do, 45000 dropped to about 500000. This station I have seen his original Station Statistics (no password). Only a few thousand IP. Thousands of bits. Needless to say)

      other serious under the (not to mention the well-known. Now ranked more than 20 thousand in the day) check it yourself! Does not belong to peers, lazy to write


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