Tourism vacation electricity supplier breakthrough 2013 test the mobile nternet



reporter Zhao Na Beijing reported

Spring Festival holiday as the first golden week of the year, has always been a national travel feast". According to the National Tourism Administration and the National Bureau of statistics, during the Spring Festival Golden Week in 2012, the country received 176 million tourists, an increase of 14% over the Spring Festival Golden Week in 2011; tourism revenue of $101 billion 400 million, an increase of 23.6%.

there is still a month away from the Spring Festival, the market competition of the tourism industry has started. Online travel company is also actively fight nature".

online travel market is divided into air tickets, hotel reservations and travel three major market segments. According to iResearch consulting statistics, 2010-2012 online travel market transaction size was 94 billion 890 million yuan, respectively, $131 billion 390 million and $169 billion 600 million (2009). 2011 air tickets, hotels and holiday products relative to the growth in 2010 were 33.8%, 32% and 83.5%.

from the financing point of view, in the past three years, frequent access to online travel companies in favor of capital is mainly by ("cattle"), donkey mother travel network ("donkey mother"), leisurely travel ("leisurely"), as the representative of the Lotour tourism vacation and where to go for business on behalf of the travel search service. Capital investment is menacing, enterprises from the integrated line of travel agency and distribution of scenic spots, etc. directly into the online travel platform, and to avoid the Ctrip, eLong and other main hotels, air tickets online booking business distribution in direct competition.

relative to the development of relatively mature ticket and hotel business, holiday products have a broader imagination.

new year, travel vacation electricity supplier how to break through


from barbaric growth to intensive and meticulous farming

2011, the way cattle in the power of capital and leisurely departure city has been expanded to 21 respectively and 10. But by the end of 2012, according to the website information display of the two companies, the departure of the city were adjusted to 14 and 4. This adjustment is hidden behind the input-output considerations.

The concept of

tuniu network that is beginning to pay attention to "efficiency" from a few years ago, the specific method is: application of bookings through online promotion, promotion, automation system and IT technology to improve internal efficiency, through the online booking reservation in order to enhance the content on the website. Tuniu CEO in duright said to the reporter: "efficiency in this year (2012) has become particularly important. We focused on doing a lot of investment in 2012, single production capacity doubled in 2011." Tuniu 2012 sales of 2 billion yuan, growth of more than 1 billion 200 million yuan more than in 2011.

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