50 yuan doubled to earn students sell domain staged micro wealth story

news June 7th, according to the domain name user forum posting said, recently the company Alibaba low-key acquisition of Alibaba1688.com/.cn, the use of the domain name is unclear, it is worth mentioning that the domain name seller for school students in reading, the domain name trading behavior caused concern in the industry.


map: domain name information

queries about Alibaba1688.com, domain name registration in March 24, 2011, the registration time is only two months, it has been first Alibaba acquisition, the domain name has been transferred to the Alibaba, domain name renewals to 2014, on the other, was bought by CN Alibaba1688.cn in February 2010 with a registered domain name, domain name has been transferred to the Alibaba name, now displayed to 2017.

is another CN domain name Alibaba1688.com.cn is not in the hands of the Alibaba, the Alibaba for users to guess, domain name protection consciousness is very strong, in order to protect the future of its acquisition of Alibaba brand domain, the domain name great possibility.

student seller hands the domain name to Alibaba, caused concern in the industry, now many students have to start when the boss, the students start selling domain to earn wealth, stimulate a lot of entrepreneurs, students from the micro business domain investment, will further promote the development of domain name industry.

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