Since a bitter blind expansion of group purchase website Wo Wo Group cuts

Wo Wo Group layoffs in the CEO raise a Babel of criticism of Xu Maodong’s high-profile response, seems to have come to light, but the fact is not the media communication conference at all.

on the 14 day of the media communication conference, Wo Wo Group CEO Xu Maodong confirmed that Wo Wo Group started "optimization" in the 35 line of the city five, the overall cut in about 500 people. However, Xu Maodong said, is not this 35 site completely abolished, but only by the complete 10-20 team configuration, reduced to only 2-3 people and business sales.

informed sources close to Wo Wo Group to "Securities Daily" reporter said, not only that, Wo Wo Group layoffs have even some can not take into account the "window". He told reporters, in the Wo Wo Group region of Beijing in September the first batch of optimization, the receptionist is the first to be optimized away, Wo Wo Group has been in the Beijing region has no prospects of the state. This reporter went to the Wo Wo Group search Monday Beijing region, a layer of the front desk as the source of the empty.

the source also revealed that the training supervisor Beijing region is the first to be laid off, training director responsible for the company culture, be optimized away, and no one succeeded, this is not the whole position. The source said, the company feels very tricky".

Wo Wo Group Beijing District Office side of the photo wall, according to the informed sources, if the employee turnover, the picture will be peeled off from the wall, the reporter saw the photos on the wall because of being torn off the photo traces and space is mottled.

for the so-called "optimization", the person said, "the sales staff will through examination, the poor performance will be optimized away, but for other non sales positions, there are no rules at all, without any assessment directly tell the staff to be optimized, the personnel department will sign a voluntary resignation statement with the staff, and then apply for transfer procedures, then you can leave. It’s all over in 10 minutes, without any compensation."

anyway, Wo Wo Group Guangdong Shaoguan whole station to be carried out "is an indisputable fact that the Beijing region unattended reception certainly exists, the mottled photo wall is a kind of silent portrayal. In fact, in addition to Wo Wo Group, the other group purchase website there is a similar problem, known as the largest group purchase website lashou (micro-blog) also exposed the layoffs of 2400 people, the proportion of over 50% of the news of layoffs. How to buy the site


for the blind expansion since the bitter

just a few months ago, the news is the most eye-catching group purchase website is Wo Wo Group from large handle network "hire" the news, in an instant, is autumn, winter, like tightening. According to the independent group navigation website group 800 latest statistics show that there are more than 300 local buy site failures.

there will be fruit because, at the beginning of each group buy website not only big >

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