How to improve the success rate of personal business owners

Why is

business website easier than personal website

this paper gathers

by poly E

in the discussion of how to improve the chances of success before the success of individual owners, first of all, to talk about the commercial website with individual grassroots webmaster to do a comparison. Remember that I have read an article that said why personal Adsense but commercial website, but has forgotten how to analyze, here I also talk about my views.

1) business experience to do business people who have a commercial website, who have a commercial operation experience. The personal webmaster, said business experience is almost 0. Anyway, I was like this, can only be done while groping.

2) circle of friends to do business people in the industry are some of the friends of the industry, a wide road. Personal website mostly is the debut young man, by virtue of personal hard work, hard work and enthusiasm to do.

3) pressure on the profitability of the commercial site to bear the investor’s money, the pressure is always considered profitable. Personal Adsense is not, the investment is small, can earn earn, can’t earn when entertainment. There’s no pressure there to drive


4) starting point is not the same as the operation of commercial sites from the business to consider, any step to consider how to make money. Especially in the early days of the site, the individual head of a mind on how to do high flow, every day in the investigation of IP statistics. The main business site is to consider " Qian Lu " for the future of the " pave the way for money.

personal website compared to the advantages of commercial sites

              1) personal webmaster working time is long

personal Internet users in the group is the least sleep, most of the owners are asleep after 12 points. For anything from the website, reflect in time. After the 6 point of the business site is blank, and personal Adsense is not, always waiting on the Web.

2) personal webmaster more passion personal website mostly is the debut young man, by virtue of personal hard work, hard work and enthusiasm to do. And commercial websites need to do things by hiring. The employee is very difficult as personal webmaster so concentrate on it, it’s in the public.

3) personal Adsense less personal investment, less pressure. Of course, this problem can make the small pressure There are both advantages and disadvantages., but individual stationmaster thought so wide, personal Adsense website categories, what kind of website there are people who do. It is All flowers bloom together. ha ha…

4) as part-time personal Webmaster Station many individual owners have their own work, the site is doing part-time. In fact, this is also an advantage, you can make the success of personal websites to increase the probability of success. When the site to a certain extent, there have been signs of profitability

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