National network of ten typical case report released in 2015

February 1st, Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center released a national network of 2015 annual report of ten typical cases, to remind the majority of Internet users to enhance network security awareness, according to the Internet, safety nets, and warning the Internet information service providers according to the law office network.

ten typical case report covers rumors, infringement, fraud, pornography and other harmful types of online information, has the characteristics of higher harmfulness, bad social impact, mode of transmission, disposal of the results of public satisfaction novel. Ten typical cases are: brush the singles "overlord" car that didi taxi suffered huge losses of fraud report; infringement WeChat public account "top entrepreneurs thinking" fraudulent use of Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin issued in the name of the report; rush ticket software implanted trojan virus report; "the Wenzhou train crash in Baotou city the terrorist attacks caused public panic rumors reports;" Tibet does not produce saffron "bring negative influence to the tourism industry in Tibet. The false news; criminals spread feudal superstition, the cult of sophistry, political harmful information to deceive the masses to report; illegal use of WeChat red" rampant bet gambling website reports; platform for trick prostitute prostitution "matchmaking" porn report; WeChat public account set trap MLM fraud ill-gotten gains.

2015, the site around the country attaches great importance to and actively promote the network report, Sina, Tencent and other 228 big impact, users access to many websites signed "actively carry out network reporting work commitments", to the public telephone, actively accepting illegal information, take the initiative to accept the supervision of the public awareness of Internet users to report; the annual report the amount of Internet users increased, up to about 28000000 times, there is a problem to find the "report" consultation, find trouble report problems, to find the "report" rights demands become more and more netizens consensus; the law enforcement departments according to reports from the public, strong regulation rumors, promote the fear of violence, pornography and other network spread chaos, disposal a large number of social network users to report, reflect the strong concentration of harmful information, effectively protect the interests of users, for a network space Make positive contributions.

network, network governance chaos to create a cool and bright space, not only is a matter of national security and social stability, but also directly related to the vital interests of each netizen. Report Center welcomes the majority of Internet users to actively report illegal and unhealthy information on the internet.

national network 2015 annual report of the typical cases of ten

case 1: drops taxi brush single suffered huge losses

October 2015, Beijing orange Technology Limited (didi taxi software company) to Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center to report: "Emma" "cloud" "search code" 8 websites such as sale anonymous mobile phone does not exist, death, and to receive SMS verification code, for illegal molecular users and black chain on registered business account for false trading, the implementation of a single brush fraud. These black numbers to drops taxi

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