The first anniversary celebration of Shanghai webmaster Association

this article is the first part of a series of articles "Shanghai webmaster Association".

]2007 [speech in April 22nd, it is a start, the day we met. Time flies, a year. Shanghai webmaster Association in this year, the daily monthly growth, and a large group of novice webmaster, personal webmaster and Internet operators peer hand in hand, feeling really great!

from April 2007 to April 2008, Shanghai Owners Association organized a total of 7 stationmaster party activities, the average scale of more than and 80 participants; held 1 "talent shows itself as the theme of the grass-roots Internet Conference, the scale reached 1000 unbelievable.

Shanghai webmaster association development process:

in April 22, 2007 the first phase of 40 party webmaster sparks of fire can start a prairie fire,

second in May 27, 2007, a total of 80 people gathered in Shanghai station legend, focusing on the

in June 30, 2007 the third phase of the gathering of the owners of the 100 Shanghai webmaster association was formally established

in July 31, 2007, the fourth meeting of the owners of the 60 successful and unsuccessful website operators

September 15, 2007 fifth webmaster gathering of 130 Internet venture team formation

November 18, 2007 sixth webmaster gathering of 150 small and medium sites how to break through the capital dilemma

March 30, 2008 seventh webmaster meeting 30 people demand and resources butt Roundtable

April 2008…… We’re going on!


numbers may not explain what. We just hope you can see our efforts, then we will continue on the road, feeling the stones, continue to show our dreams, continue to work together more dream big chest small webmaster webmaster, together, to jointly develop a piece of the future territory.

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Shanghai webmaster Association

April 15, 2008

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