Amoy million to test the waters of online travel search target directed to where the network

Beijing daily news (reporter Wei Yu) recently told the online travel industry "a paragraph or two disputes" re ignited. Yesterday, the Alibaba’s Amoy network announced a high-profile initial investment into millions of online travel, at present its partnership with Ctrip, eLong, the same way, where to live, mango and green mango and other online travel agents (OTA) and Taobao travel offers a total of 30 hotels and inns to amoy. More importantly, the above several OTA are almost two months ago, where the anti network alliance members.

focus on physical goods before the search of a Amoy network, starting from now on the online travel business, providing hotel search and price comparison services for users. This is the Alibaba group following the launch of Taobao after the online travel field on tourism and a move. Amoy will invest tens of millions of users to build growth plans. According to the relevant person in charge of Alibaba, a Amoy this year will be the full share of the profits to book a hotel through a Amoy users, the system will be based on the amount of the success of each user booking to ‘equity’ calculation of dividends".

domestic online travel websites are a minority, they saw the rapid growth of the scale of the online travel market, Ai Rui data show that last year Chinese online travel vacation market transactions amounted to 21 billion 190 million yuan, an increase of 54.8%, according to incomplete statistics, we hold the vast majority of domestic hotel resources at least more than 50 OTA, however, the hotel the quantity and quality of each master is not the same, the user’s cost is very high. The integration of various tourism resources to do a comparison can be reduced to a certain extent, the user’s cost and threshold. In this regard, a hotel search business executives Chen Hang said.

this is exactly where the network Baidu + Taobao play similar. "Bluntly, in fact Ali do travel search is actually borrowed against upstream suppliers where network products, research director, transit network Internet industry analyst Huang Yuanpu said bluntly. After all, a sort of scouring OTA partners have been in the past where the network, where the network to resist the formation of the TTS system, where the anti network alliance, the product will go where the network.

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in the OTA from where the network also did not sit back, to win the user to start the year presses. Its Hotel Channel subsidies 100 million yuan during the summer. The industry believes that the two sides secretly play a price war or cause the online travel industry war factions dispute. In this regard, Huang Yuanpu said, "Ali and where the network competition, to a certain extent influence where the network listed prospects, in addition, Ali is also in the expansion around the line of business, listed for their comprehensive layout".


Tencent was $6 billion shares of Ctrip

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Wei Yu) online travel industry frequently attract Internet bigwigs into the capital. Although Tencent and Ctrip were not confirmed the purchase, but yesterday a Tencent for $6 billion in shares of Ctrip or news caused the industry’s hot. Such a rumor

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