B2C user scale after their own suppliers

first to share a called "Guangzhou mom wow" case.

according to the mother network staff, three years ago, there was a woman in October 28th, a woman suffering from depression, she wants to communicate with a group of mothers, the child’s psychological attitude, as well as some parenting topics. Such as how to raise children, such as their social roles and family roles have undergone tremendous changes, how to deal with. She needs to communicate with people who have the same experience, the same family role.

her husband just to understand some very simple network knowledge, it built a Guangzhou mother network, because it is a native of Guangzhou, but also in Guangzhou. In the construction site before everyone in the QQ group chat, when we found this group has no way to support so many people talk about this group, there is no way to record they chatted about the topic, because there are a lot of topics are infanticulture knowledge. So they simply do a website, we talk about the topic on the web site, and the site can be recorded in their chats. Therefore, the mother of Guangzhou network is purely personal interest in the original site. At present, there are many online mom store shop, most of the turnover is high, such as the "five mother shop" and other well-known sites on maternal and infant stores.

, however, I would like to say is that the formation of such a mother of the network after the idea of the scale, it is worth thinking about.

similar to the mother of the network platform for profit, involving the positioning problem, is to do the platform, online franchisee, or do their own good suppliers?

personally think or consider their suppliers. Because I have a friend, but also do the traditional Internet and called China painting, is the first to do BBS, then now gradually attract a bunch of artists in the above, the painter slowly acquired some paintings, sell. From the mother of Guangzhou network site, the individual believes that the cost of doing this join the entire technical team involved in the development of such a set of activities, I think it is not very realistic.

simply from their own supply, or do their own platform, I think they may be a little practical.

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