Vertical electricity supplier but also through the SEO kill a way out

current electricity supplier rampant era, Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang and so on these giant electricity supplier website, the products involved can basically meet the needs of the public. But, like a lot of vertical electricity supplier is still rapid growth, like the bamboo shoots after a spring rain, or a lot of people want to fight from the electricity supplier a crack in a cup of soup


so the promotion of vertical electricity supplier is a very important issue, brand war is a long-term process. So many of the vertical electricity supplier promotion method is basically SNS and SEO and other methods to promote. Then the vertical electricity supplier but also by SEO "killed" in a way it read more

Taiwan to let Taobao tax last year, said the loss of NT $2 billion 500 million

August 10th news, according to Taiwan media reports, Taipei IRS in August 18th is expected to invite the business and accountant Uber, including apple, Agoda,, and other experts to study the business tax amendment fee, said the fastest next year will have to pay for cross-border electricity supplier.

is reported that Taobao has not been invited to participate in the seminar, but the Taiwan authorities, the Ministry of Finance official said that once the passage of the future decree after the road, Taobao also need to pay taxes in accordance with the regulations. read more

A spoiler group purchase market CP, and Tencent website agreement

had previously launched and rapidly short line group purchase site Gaopeng, yesterday formally announced the establishment of the website, by the world’s largest group purchase website Groupon, the Tencent industry win fund and Yunfeng fund joint venture. Yunfeng fund is co founded by Yu Feng,, Shi Yuzhu, and other corporate PE fund.

"we are still doing the preparatory work for the on-line friends group purchase business." CEO Ouyang cloud Gaopeng send internal messages that, within a month of employees has reached 300 people, but still intense preparation line. read more

Experts exposed the unspoken rules of the electricity supplier industry said sales data serious wate


mall and Suning and Gome have announced price war made great success. Among them, Suning Appliance Victories: achieved the highest daily sales of nearly 300 million yuan, in December is expected to achieve the highest daily sales of 500 million yuan.

for the electricity supplier sales data released, industry observers, Huaqiang North online vice president Gong Wenxiang published on the 21 point of view, the electricity supplier industry sales widespread flooding situation, is no exception. "According to the regulations, the electricity supplier announced sales need to play half off." He said that the current sales of electricity supplier is actually a single amount, and from the order to 50% turnover will be lost. read more

YAHOO on Wednesday began to lay off thousands of employees will be affected

        Beijing on April 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, the technology blog BusinessInsider writer Hierro Jay · (Jay Yarow) on Monday said the author, according to sources, YAHOO will officially start on Wednesday will have thousands of layoffs, YAHOO employees will be affected in the current round of layoffs.

said that YAHOO will begin to cut jobs in the United States on Wednesday, and began to lay off international business on Thursday. The layoffs are YAHOO CEO Scott · (Scott Thompson) on YAHOO’s part of a substantial restructuring strategy. Thompson had been in consultation with the company – Boston Consulting Group Inc (Boston Consulting Group) on layoffs to communicate. read more

Open shop how to find sources to join Taobao how to prevent being cheated

want to do Taobao, but no experience, no source, do not know how to do the operation for novice sellers, supply is a major problem. There is no source of experience is still shallow, they had to choose agency distribution, can save time and effort. For novice sellers, this is indeed a good choice, but there is a risk of being cheated. The following Xiaobian compiled some common tricks case, I hope you can find the agent when treated with caution. At the same time. Small will also introduce some reliable sources for open shop novice choice! Well, to the point. read more

Open O2O open LBS+ high de self!

recently in High German Internet market is very active, dare to fully trust the Ali company of High German was transformed from the UC boss Yu Yongfu make snap. It now appears that Yu Yongfu give up O2O focus on the strategic adjustment of LBS is really to let High German has a sense of the Internet Co and functions. Once lost High German seems to finally find the self.

LBS+O2O was once regarded as the golden combination of mobile Internet era

started from the second half of 2011, two of the hottest time of the market concept is the "sign" and "group purchase", and these two concepts appear at the same time, the market has brought an infinite space, the combination of LBS+O2O began to spread, and grow strong, until the second half of last year, a for the LBS+O2O integrated prospect voices began to spread, the strongest topic is Gould’s previous adhere to the "LBS+O2O" development direction. read more

Financing collection 10 simple steps to help you smooth start-up financing

don’t you want the world to be able to tell you a formula that is bound to succeed in financing


of course there is no such thing in the world, but there are at least a few ways to make it difficult for you to finance it. We can make it a goal that can be achieved. So ask yourself, how are you going to finance it? How many steps are there to implement it?

The core of

financing is to convince investors that your story is willing to "buy" your point of view, and ultimately support your management team. I’m going to talk about a specific plan to make your dreams come true. read more

Su ningyun is how to fully embrace the nternet.

In July 4th

mobile Internet Innovation Conference, Su ningyun vice chairman Sun Weimin made a line of enterprise how to embrace the Internet speech, the speech is very much to afford Mr. Sun dry cargo, a night train trip. This is the second time I listen to Mr. Sun’s speech, the last is at the end of March Analysys electricity supplier conference, his share is the transformation process of the traditional enterprise, then talked about the Internet thinking and the challenges of the mobile Internet, and this speech has been the transformation of Su ningyun as example to analysis, this is the dry cargo source. read more

Look from Ali 3 trillion, electricity supplier boundaries and future

March 21st, Hangzhou, Xixi lake, more than and 200 media to witness the Alibaba’s fiscal year 2016 electricity supplier turnover reached a historic amount of $3 trillion. This means that Alibaba in fiscal year (April 1, 2015 ~ March 31, 2016) is expected to surpass WAL-MART, the world’s largest retail platform.

3 trillion behind the meaning of extraordinary

is reported that this is the three Taobao, Tmall and Juhuasuan’s top 3 trillion businesses, the joint efforts of the 10 million active businesses and active buyers of 407 million. 3 trillion can be said to be a milestone in the results, it is necessary to know the global retail giant WAL-MART reached this figure took 54 years, while the Alibaba has only experienced a period of 13 years. read more