VIA sues Apple for infringing three x86 microprocessor patents

first_imgApple is today facing up to a new patent infringement lawsuit brought against it by VIA Technologies, an integrated circuit manufacturer that holds in excess of 5,000 patents relating to x86 processor platforms and related fields.The lawsuit targets microprocessor functionality used in most of Apple’s current product range including the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Apple TV. The patents in question are 6253312, 6253311, and 6754810.6253312 covers a “method and apparatus for double operand load,” which is used to speed up the processing of an image for display on a screen. Both 6253311 and 6754810 patents cover an “instruction set for bi-directional conversion and transfer of integer and floating point data.” Both relate to ensuring the process of data transfer between two different data types happens very quickly, which is critical to the overall speed of an operation and therefore device.VIA has not stated what it desires the outcome of this lawsuit to be, only that it is “determined to protect our interests.” If successful, it may see Apple having to pay out a significant sum upfront and then continue to pay ongoing royalties to the company on all future sales of its gadgets as long as they use the infringing methods covered in the patents.Chen Wen-ChiOne thing to note here is the possible motivation for bringing this lawsuit against Apple now. VIA’s president and CEO, Chen Wen-Chi, is married to Cher Wang, chairwoman of HTC, a company which is also being targeted by Apple in lawsuits as well as filing its own against the company. HTC also recently purchased S3 Graphics from VIA for $300 million in a bid to gain more patents it can use to defend itself from future lawsuits and has also targeted Apple with a lawsuit for infringing three patents.Read more at the VIA press release, via BBC Newslast_img read more